Kuwait City. Behbehani Motors Company, Porsche Centre Kuwait, the leading automotive brand, is delighted to unveil its latest automotive masterpiece - Porsche Centre Shuwaikh. This prestigious facility, spanning over six floors with a total area of more than 35,450 square meters, represents a new pinnacle in luxury and sophistication. Redefining the automotive retail experience, Porsche Centre Shuwaikh underscores Porsche's unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer excellence.

Located in the heart of Shuwaikh, Porsche Centre Shuwaikh is more than just a showroom; it is a statement of Porsche's dedication to delivering unparalleled automotive experiences. From the moment customers enter, they are greeted by an environment that embodies sophistication and precision, reflecting the essence of the Porsche brand.

Designed and equipped with the latest technological advancements to meet the needs of the Behbehani Motors Company customer base, Porsche Centre Shuwaikh has an impressive showroom covering 2,800 square meters. It serves as the centerpiece that stages Porsche's diverse lineup of vehicles, from E-mobility to Pre-owned Vehicles, SUVs, and Sports Cars. The facility also includes a spacious service reception area, spanning 3,600 square meters, to ensure a seamless and welcoming experience for customers.

The extensive workshop, covering 5,900 square meters, is equipped with cutting-edge technology and features 34 Standard Work Bays, including 12 brand-new dialogue bays in the inspection station, which further increases the accuracy levels of vehicle diagnostics. It incorporates specific bays dedicated to each type of metalwork required, whether aluminum or steel-based, in addition to 6 Direct Dialogue Bays and 9 Quick Service Bays, where Porsche's skilled technicians provide meticulous care to maintain and service every Porsche to the highest standards.

Porsche Centre Shuwaikh is also home to the Classic Porsche Cars Collection. This 850-square-meter exhibition space showcases the private collection of special Porsche vehicles built by Porsche's Kuwaiti importer, the Behbehani family, over the last 60 years. This remarkable exhibition combines rare and special Porsche vehicles with digital technology to immerse visitors in the brand's rich history.

Hany Marie, General Manager of Porsche Centre Kuwait, highlighted his pride in inaugurating this new facility by saying: "At Porsche Centre Shuwaikh, we are dedicated to providing our customers with an automotive experience like no other. Our team is driven by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. This state-of-the-art facility sets new standards in luxury automotive retail and service. The new Porsche Centre Shuwaikh underpins Behbehani Motors Company's commitment to the local growing market by investing in facilities and sites that increase customer satisfaction by elevating the overall customer journey.” 

He then added: “The development of this new facility has been in the pipeline for years, and we pride ourselves in being the pioneers in bringing technological advancements, especially on an environmentally friendly basis, to the facility. We look forward to welcoming our customers to Porsche Centre Shuwaikh, where the Porsche spirit comes to life in every aspect of our operation."

Since Behbehani Motors Company has always regarded Porsche as a brand that defies time and strives to provide the utmost care for all classic Porsche vehicles, a dedicated and new Porsche Heritage Service Centre has been introduced in the complex to provide unparalleled service for Porsche vehicles. Every Porsche vehicle goes through a thorough cleaning and inspection process prior to being transitioned into the service or repair stage, to receive the utmost care and attention. 

Porsche Centre Shuwaikh stands as a testament to sustainability and green technology. This is reflected in the facility’s usage of specialised water recycling panels and solar panels to generate renewable energy. Electric vehicle chargers are also installed throughout the facility to reiterate the company’s commitment to paving its way toward a sustainable future for the automotive industry.

On the Mezzanine floor of the facility, Porsche enthusiasts can explore a dedicated section featuring a wide range of Porsche Lifestyle items. These items, designed to enhance the Porsche driving experience with style and accessibility, align seamlessly with Porsche's luxury and sophistication. The Porsche Lifestyle Corner offers customers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Porsche way of life, with a curated selection of merchandise and accessories available for purchase and pre-order.

Porsche Centre Shuwaikh is not just a dealership; it is a destination where innovation, performance, and passion converge to redefine luxury automotive experiences. We invite our cherished customers and enthusiasts to embark on an extraordinary journey with us, where the Porsche spirit comes to life like never before.

Hany Marie
E-mail: hmarie@behbehanimotors.com
Chris Jordan
Public Relations
E-mail: cjordan@porsche-me.ae