• PepsiCo will contribute to supporting conventional and non-conventional water use programmes

Riyadh:PepsiCo, the world’s leading food and beverage company, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), on Sunday, June 26. 2022,  with the Saudi Irrigation Organization (SIO) to enhance scientific cooperation efforts related to water conservation strategies.

This step will introduce best practices in the field of irrigation and resolve water sustainability challenges in the Kingdom, aligning the two organizations’ strategies and raising their contributions to the Kingdom's Vision 2030 for the sustainable use of water in agriculture.

The MoU has been signed in the presence of SIO President Dr. Fuad bin Ahmed Al Sheikh Mubarak and PepsiCo’s Vice President for Corporate Affairs, MENA and Pakistan, Wael Muhammad Ismail.

Based on the MoU, PepsiCo will participate in sponsored initiatives and projects that support water usage programs with modern water-saving agricultural technologies. The MoU will also develop the expertise and skills of Saudis by transferring knowledge and building capacity through practice. This will also significantly aid ongoing development in irrigation technology.

The agreement places a focus on conducting studies and research to gain new, all-important insights and empower Saudi farmers with an understanding of best practices. This collaboration will help pioneer innovative products, services, and approaches, highlighting how modern technologies can be applied across the country to positively impact Saudi communities through sustainable practices.

PepsiCo’s Vice President for Corporate Affairs, MENA, and Pakistan, Wael Ismail welcomed this step, which will contribute positively to enhancing water sustainability in the Kingdom.

“Through our cooperation with SIO, we will be able to positively contribute to sustainable agriculture and consider water usage responsibly, spreading regenerative agriculture practices and improving the livelihoods of people in the agricultural supply chain in the Kingdom. Bolstering underserved populations is essential to making the entire food system stronger and we look forward to showcasing the impact of this strategic partnership with SIO”, he added.

SIO President Dr. Fuad bin Ahmed Al Sheikh Mubarak stressed the importance of this MoU, which seeks to ensure the sustainability of water resources, food security and expand agricultural areas in the Kingdom.


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