During a speech at ParkPoint's Ramadan gathering, Mr. Omar Al Khan, the Founder and CEO of ParkPoint Parking Solutions, highlighted the company's current management of over 11,000 parking spaces across Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. He emphasized the increasing demand for parking management services in the Gulf region, attributed to factors such as economic expansion, population growth, advancements in the transportation sector, and the necessity for more efficient solutions in this domain.

Mr. Al Khan detailed ParkPoint's role in managing parking facilities for prominent entities and institutions in Bahrain, including the Defense Force Hospital, King Hamad Hospital, City Center Water Bay, Bahrain Bay, and Bahrain International Airport. Additionally, he underscored the company's provision of services to major entities in Saudi Arabia such as Laysen Valley, Riyadh Boulevard, Roshn Front, and the VIP Executive Lounge at King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh's primary airport.

Mr. Al Khan said: “Since its inception in Bahrain in 2008, ParkPoint has not only established a foothold but also broadened its horizons to Saudi Arabia, marking our expansion with a new branch in Riyadh two years ago. Our vision extends further as we aim to intensify our operations within the Kingdom. This strategic move is underscored by the recent appointment of Engineer Mohsen Al-Mulla as the new manager for both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. With his 18 years of industry experience, we are confident in his ability to steer our growth and realize our ambitious plans to manage an increasing portfolio of projects.”

Mr. Al Khan stressed that with a robust workforce of 270 professionals across Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, the company is well-positioned to broaden its operational scope. The goal is to elevate ParkPoint to a leading status in parking solutions, both locally and regionally.

 “At ParkPoint, we pride ourselves on delivering premier integrated parking management services that not only align with our forward-looking vision but also ensure a distinctive user experience. Our commitment to enhancing parking efficiency is unwavering, as we aim for superior investment returns by adhering to globally recognized parking standards. We stay abreast of the latest technological advancements and management practices to offer comprehensive services. Moreover, we place a strong emphasis on the professional development of our team to maintain the highest level of service excellence.” Mr. Al Khan concluded.


About ParkPoint:

ParkPoint is a full-service parking solutions ecosystem supporting properties and drivers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Bahrain and dedicated to achieving environmental sustainability goals.

With profound expertise in parking management, valet services, internal transportation, and car wash facilities, ParkPoint integrates cutting-edge parking technologies. This not only ensures enhanced revenues and increased efficiency for parking owners but also offers users a suite of distinguished services.  These services include information provision, cashless digital payment options, and the convenience of online parking bookings—all seamlessly accessible through a unified platform.

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