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Dubai, UAE -- NWTN Inc. (Nasdaq: NWTN), an eco-conscious mobility technology company bringing passenger-centric green premium mobility solutions to the world ("NWTN"), is showcasing the Rabdan MUSE, [a model of NWTN’s Rabdan brand of elective vehicles.

(“EV”)] and NWTN’s vision for the future of mobility, at COP28 UAE from now until December 12, 2023, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Rabdan is NWTN’s premium mobility brand that represents technological innovation, intelligent comfort, seamless power, and noble luxury. The brand integrates the latest cutting-edge technologies in new energy vehicles and is manufactured in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Rabdan MUSE is a large flagship “smart passenger vehicle” with futuristic styling, immense power and long range, ultimate comfort, and a unique passenger-centric digital infotainment system.  It focuses on a passenger-centric, comfortable, and intelligent riding experience. 

MUSE is the first of NTWN’s smart passenger vehicles with avant-garde design at its core. By integrating life-style personalization, IoT connectivity, autonomous driving technologies and artificial intelligence technologies, this SPV enables passengers to experience the seamless connection between form and function. With its innovations and personalized intelligence, MUSE turns passenger centricity into reality.

MUSE is an acronym that stands for: Marvelous, Unique, Sensual and Elegance. These four words encapsulate the design philosophy and innovative features of the vehicle, emphasizing aspects, such as superior engineering, individuality, sensual design, and refined elegance. Together, they form a cohesive representation of what the MUSE model is meant to embody and offer to its passengers.

Marvelous: MUSE is a marvel of modern engineering and design. The integration of SPV technology ensures that the driving experience is not only exciting but also safe and efficient. Advanced driver assistance systems, real-time traffic navigation, and intuitive controls create a driving atmosphere that is nothing short of marvelous.

Unique: With a strong focus on passenger-centric features, MUSE offers an extraordinary experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Unique amenities such as customized climate control, intelligent seating arrangements, and personalized infotainment options make every journey comfortable and tailored to the passengers' preferences.

Sensual: MUSE's design targets to appeal to all the senses. Sensual lines and a lush interior create a connection between car and passenger that transcends mere transportation. Enhanced by smart technology, the ambiance adjusts to suit the mood, creating a truly immersive experience. It is a drive that must be felt to be understood.

Elegance: Elegance shines through every aspect of MUSE. From the smooth and controlled handling to the refined and graceful aesthetic, it is a model of sophistication. Smart technology ensures that every aspect of the journey is seamless and elegant, from start to finish.

MUSE focuses on a passenger-centred, comfortable, and intelligent riding experience, with all car seats equipped with super control privileges. The car has a machine built-in office and entertainment system to fully meet the needs of business and family travel.

MUSE is a luxury smart passenger vehicle built upon the Gravity Zero Platform. NWTN’s Gravity Zero Platform is a premium, comfort and technologically advanced architecture platform, featuring industry-leading automotive chassis system and powertrain system.

A new steel-aluminium mixing process provides efficient and safe structure to support a top technology configuration, superior space, and smart cabin experience.

Gravity Zero Platform is a highly modular, generalized vehicle architecture platform developed for all sedan, SUV, SPV, and MPVs. It is a generalized architecture platform for high-end premium C to D class vehicles, and cover vehicles with wheelbases from 2850-3200mm. The development of this highly modular and generalized architecture platforms enable a maximum reuse, up to 85%, of underbody components.

Gravity Zero Platform effectively reduces vehicle material costs via scales of volume, shortens vehicle development time by up to 50%, reduces vehicle development cost by up to 75% and enhances vehicle product quality considerably for all derived vehicles from the platforms.

Designed from inside out, the exterior architecture and proportions reflect the superior space of the interior, dressing the living cell with an elegant silhouette and sharp dynamic lines sculpting its volume. The result is a unique mono-volume divided into a helicopter-like cabin and powerful body panels embracing it. The intention of NWTN’s design team is to deliver a balanced harmony of the science and the art of automotive technology with functional aesthetic design.

The interior is where the notion of passenger centricity takes its utmost expression.

NWTN believes that Space in our world is the ultimate luxury, dematerializing items to their bare essentials are a natural consequence of optimizing space. The starting point for NWTN designers and engineers was to push to the limit the physical boundaries away from all passengers, without a hierarchy between driver and passengers.

This creates an oasis of comfort and relaxation, to contrast with the stress of modern life, an extension of the customer’s own living room, hotel suite or first-class lounge, whilst delivering an experience to connect with the outside world in the most efficient and intuitive way.

The result is an empty space approach with minimalist surrounding surfaces wrapping around four captain seats which boast the roomiest legroom in its class. A U-shaped panoramic screen replaces the traditional instrumental panel, providing front passengers an ecosystem with cutting-edge built-in office and entertainment technologies. MUSE color and material harmony echoes the green and advanced values of the project with only sustainable materials applying throughout the interior.

Key Highlights:

• Avant-garde design
• Modular pure electric platform
• Digital on-board connectivity system
• Autonomous driving technology
• Intelligent traffic management
• Ultimate in-cabin experience
• High-speed charging with 800V system
• Enhanced driving range in cold climate
• Improved highway driving range
• Unprecedented top speed
• Spacious second-row passenger experience
• AI-NAS ecosystem for interconnected services

At COP28, NWTN is also introducing NWTOPIA, an ecosystem built around MUSE and that goes beyond mere transportation.

NWTOPIA envisions a future where green lifestyle seamless integrates with cutting-edge technology, reshaping cities and reinventing our way of living. It is a ground-breaking concept that integrates smart passenger vehicles with an innovative approach to sustainable living. NWTN will leverage the power of MUSE and future smart passenger vehicles to drive this integration.

NWTOPIA is more than a product. It is a paradigm shift in the way we currently perceive transportation and city living. Through NWTOPIA, NWTN presents an innovative ecosystem that converges green mobility, smart technology, and sustainability into a harmonious blend.

NWTOPIA introduces NWTO tokens which are more than just digital keys. They are a gateway to a world of experiences and services within the ecosystem. With every journey taken in MUSE, NWTO are mined and can be used to open doors to numerous services such as charging, entertainment, customization, and art, within NWTOPIA.

MUSE marks the realization of NWTN's bold vision, epitomizing the integration of intelligence, connectivity, and sustainable mobility. In keeping with its namesake, Sir Isaac Newton, NWTN seeks to drive a new age of enlightenment, where smart passenger-focused technologies will reshape the future of shared mobility and experiences.

MUSE. Redefining New Premium. Redefining the Next Generation of Mobility.

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NWTN is a pioneering green energy company dedicated to providing passenger-focused, premium electric vehicle products and green energy solutions to customers worldwide.

Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), NWTN has a full vehicle assembly facility in Abu Dhabi.

NWTN is committed to the future of mobility solutions that integrate pioneering design, personalized lifestyles, Internet of Everything (IoT), autonomous driving technology and the eco-system of green energy.

In addition to the offering of new energy vehicles, NWTN is exploring opportunities in the entire clean energy value chain, including photovoltaics, green hydrogen power and energy storage in the UAE, the Middle East, North Africa, China, other Asian countries and Europe.

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