Muscat: NBO's Islamic Banking Window, Muzn, is delighted to introduce the Flexi Wakala Saving Account, a financial solution designed to empower individuals seeking to save for their future or retirement whilst adhering to Shari'a principles.

One of the standout features of the Flexi Wakala Saving Account is its competitive profit rates, which can reach up to 3 per cent. This is an attractive option for individuals seeking to grow their savings and maximize their returns. What truly sets this account apart is its flexibility, allowing account holders to access their funds at any time, without incurring any fees. The higher your deposit, the higher the profit rate you earn, making it a lucrative choice for those looking to increase their earnings.

Salima Al Marzooqi, Chief Islamic Banking Officer of Muzn Islamic Banking, said, "We recognise the increasing need for secure financial planning within the framework of the Shari'a. That's why we are pleased to introduce Muzn's Flexi Wakala Saving Account. With its higher returns and unparalleled flexibility. Our goal is to facilitate financial growth of our customers and continue upholding Shari'a principles. This launch underscores our commitment to delivering innovative and ethical banking solutions, solidifying Muzn's leadership in the Islamic banking sector."

In addition to its competitive features, Muzn has tailored this account to meet the unique needs of its customers. Account holders can enjoy the convenience of a cheque book and conduct transactions such as deposits and withdrawals at any Muzn Islamic Banking branch or through its various digital channels. Furthermore, they can access their funds 24/7 through ATM/Debit Cards, with the added benefit of free withdrawals at Muzn and NBO ATMs. It's a convenient and hassle-free banking solution designed to cater to individual financial requirements.

Detailed information about the Flexi Wakala Saving Account and Muzn's comprehensive suite of Shari'a-compliant products, are available at our dedicated websit