• “Tamakan” Program for Training Kuwaiti Fresh Graduates Named “Best Project in the Private Sector”
  • Manal Al Mattar: Tamakan program deserves to be at the forefront of projects that directly contribute to economic growth, productivity and social development
  • NBK regards this project as a model that embraces young people, awakens their dreams, and discovers their talents
  • We are proud of our ability to introduce pioneering projects, as we are of our youth (males and females) who added value to the various waves of the program through their talents and enthusiasm
  • NBK continues sponsoring and introducing inspiring and impactful programs and projects
  • NBK is the largest Kuwaiti private sector employer of national manpower
  • NBK boasts the highest retention rates of Kuwaiti employees, reflecting its successful human capital management

The Committee of the GCC Ministers of Social Affairs recognized National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) with two awards: “The Social work Pioneer Project Award” in the private commercial sector through its nominated project “Tamakan” Program for training Kuwaiti fresh graduates, as well as “The Job Placement and Localization Award” on GCC level.

In the presence of H.E. Dr. Nayef Al-Hajraf. Secretary General of GCC Council, H.E. Mr. Fahad Al-Shuraian, Kuwaiti Minister of Commerce and Industry and Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development, the awards were presented by H.E. Eng. Ahmad bin Sulaiman AlRajhi, Saudi Minister of Human Resources and Social Development to NBK’s AGM, Public Relations, Manal Al-Mattar, and Manager, Talent Acquisition, Mubarak Al-Enezi, during the honorary ceremony of the ministerial committee meetings, which was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Riyadh, KSA.

NBK was awarded “The Social work Pioneer Project Award” from the GCC Council of Ministers of Social Affairs and Labor for its first of a kind initiative, Tamakan training program for Kuwaiti fresh university graduates.

“Tamakan” is a Kuwaiti youth program created in collaboration with Creative Confidence. It helps recent Kuwaiti graduates navigate their way in the labor market by allowing them to acquire the skills they need to succeed.

On this occasion, Al-Mattar commented: “It is indeed a source of immense honor and pride for NBK to win this prestigious award. The award is a testament of NBK’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. It is a deeply rooted tradition that has been carried out by NBK in its efforts to continuously have an active role in the Kuwaiti society.”

“NBK believes that investing in human development is investing in our future. Tamakan program aligned with NBK’s initiatives to invest in Kuwaiti youth and support their aspirations. Tamakan” is one of these initiatives that help invest and support young professionals,” she added.

“The program achieved many areas of impact aligned with our sustainability approach in its contribution to economic growth, productivity and development, especially its role in bridging the gap between students and the workforce by establishing a different employment process,” Al Mattar stressed. “The program as well played an important role in encouraging Kuwaitis to work in the private sector.”

 “We are proud to see our project having this recognition that reflects its accomplishment to the job market standards,” she noted.

Over a period of three years, NBK had invested in the program. The total number of interns joining and graduating from the Tamakan program was over 120 Kuwaiti trainees, and nearly half of the program’s graduates were employed later on by NBK.

The program’s goal is to take graduates to the next level of self-development and growth before starting their careers. The program is a full time 10-week, 5-day commitment that revolves around working on a real business challenge and shaping business idea.

It is worth mentioning that the program is offered in collaboration between NBK and Creative Confidence Consulting Company. Creative confidence is a Kuwaiti based training company that specializes in collaboration, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship training.

On the other side, the second award received by NBK “The Job Placement and Localization Award” on GCC level recognizes its leading role in investing in national talent, making it the employer of choice for the ambitious Kuwaiti youth. NBK’s strategy has always been to strive towards attracting high-caliber talent and supporting the goals of the New Kuwait Vision 2035, which aims to increase national labor ratio in the banking sector and support the national economy by nurturing local talent.

National bank of Kuwait is the largest Kuwaiti private sector employer of national manpower at 74.6%, in line with its strategy to attract qualified national talent and develop their skills in order to prepare highly qualified future leaders.

The bank also pursues its historical role and social responsibility in recruiting and attracting young Kuwaiti national talent, with females representing 44.4% of the new recruitments during 2021, reflecting its commitment to gender equality. In addition, the bank fostered this commitment with female labor ratio representing 45.6% of total employees, as well as supporting the empowerment of more women through guidance and providing opportunities for their career development. NBK also is also keen on providing opportunities to special needs nationals who represent 0.4% of total employees.

In line with its role as one of the biggest supporters of young national talent and endeavors to qualify them for the labor market, NBK participates in various career fairs with a view to provide educational and awareness services to help the youth looking for job opportunities in the private sector make the right decision regarding their future career.

It is worth mention that human capital development is placed at the heart of NBK’s strategic plans, recognizing that efficient workforce guarantee the quality of all types of banking services provided across the different markets in which it operates. To this end, the bank invests heavily in its employees, regarding them as its most valuable resource, by providing the best training programs and workshops to enhance their skills in the areas of leadership, implementation of strategies, change management and innovation to keep pace with the rapid developments in the banking industry.