Dubai: Nabd, the largest Arabic aggregator app and platform, is excited to announce the launch of its new Personalized Email Newsletter product, which provides opted-in subscribers a personalized daily news digest, autonomously curated via sophisticated AI and machine-learning algorithms, and delivered to them via email — which remains to be one of the most effective content distribution channels today.

FIVE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS, AND COUNTING. Over 5 million subscribers have already opted-in to receive Nabd’s Daily Email Newsletter, which was rolled out in alpha and beta phases previously. Thousands of new subscribers opt-in every day, via Nabd’s digital properties such as its mobile apps and web portal.

POWERED BY PROPRIETARY AI & ML. Behind the scenes, proprietary, sophisticated AI and machine-learning algorithms analyze massive amounts of content in real-time, including news articles and videos, and curate the most relevant and trending stories for each user separately, based on geolocation, interests, previous engagement and content-consumption behavior.

EXCLUSIVE SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES. “Nabd's Daily Email Newsletters is one of the powerful tools our partners can leverage to promote and elevate their brand, as it offers an exclusive cutting-edge opportunity for brands to sponsor the daily newsletter, staying top-of-mind across Nabd's highly-engaged Arabic readers and capturing their attention at the most receptive mindset; while they seek and consume relevant and timely information”, says Mr. Al'a Abukhalaf, VP of Business Development at Nabd. “Our opted-in subscribers will on the other hand enjoy a personalized, digestible news summary, playing an important role in increasing the reach and retention of the Nabd platform”.


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Nabd is a Personalized Arabic Content platform, enabling users across the globe to stay up-to-date with their favorite topics on the go. Today, Nabd reaches over 25 million users, generating over 2 billion page views every month, making it the biggest Arabic app globally. It is currently available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and on the web via the portal.