• Inviting curious young minds from ages 6- to 13-year-olds
  • The Museum of the Future’s first ever camp to take place three weeks in August
  • Themes include space exploration, sustainability, ecology and wellbeing
  • Topics include Robotics and AI, Coding, Art and Photography

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The Museum of the Future has launched its first Future Heroes Summer Camp, full of fun, educational, and highly entertaining kids’ programmes focused on science, technology, engineering, art, and maths (STEAM).

Running from 2-19 August 2022, Future Heroes Summer Camp provides a unique opportunity for the imagination, curiosity, and creativity of the nation’s youth to run wild across three enthralling weeks.

The Future Heroes summer camp has expert workshops and educational partners providing an extensive series of hands-on, playful and learning-based programmes, aiming to help young minds grasp the fundamentals of STEAM. The workshops will cover a deeply absorbing collection of themes that include and revolve around space exploration, ecology, as well as happiness and wellbeing. Children will be able to dive into unique topics including exploring the world of Robotics and AI alongside other topics, to pique each child’s interest and cater to their different preferences, such as Coding and Art.

From using artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and classify species of birds to exploring different forms of art and getting to grips with Minecraft education by tapping into coding and understanding the fundamentals of sustainability, Future Heroes Summer Camp has something for everyone. This is in addition to the interactive and immersive experiences at the Museum of the Future. The young pioneers will get to see the museum in a unique and exclusive way. Exploring the museum’s different themes in much more depth, they will get the chance to dive deep into all the technical aspects of the exhibits.

Acting Head of Programming at the Museum of the Future, Maryam AlAwadhi said: “With the new school year around the corner, now is the perfect time to sharpen your kids’ skills, re-ignite their curiosity and grow their love for learning with our first-ever series of fun, engaging, entertaining and educational workshops. No environment is more stimulating or conducive to creativity and imagination than the Museum of the Future. Our first-ever Future Heroes Summer Camp provides a unique opportunity for children to learn, play, make friends, discover new interests, and explore the world of tomorrow. We’re excited about this new project because it underlines our commitment to play a supportive and motivational role for society by empowering creativity and adding value to science, technology and innovation. There’s no better place to send the kids this summer than the Museum of the Future.”

Registration is now open for the Future Heroes Summer Camp. Interested participants should sign up as soon as possible to secure a place, with only a limited number of tickets available. Reservations can be made on https://museumofthefuture.ae/en/event/summer-camp-2022.

Each ticket includes four days of fun-filled activities, various STEAM workshops and a guided tour of the Museum of the Future. At each floor, the children will be able to use the exhibit field visit as an inspiration and relate to the different themes their activities are based on. HH’s quote is the basis for all our experimental and vocational workshops where kids will be encouraged to imagine, design and execute.

Fazaa and Esaad cardholders are eligible for offers and discounts at the Museum of the Future’s first summer camp.  Parents or guardians must select one of two age groups for their children to join: 6-to-9-year-olds or 10-to-13-year-olds.

Please visit: https://museumofthefuture.ae/en/events to find out more information about Dubai’s most exciting summer camp yet.

The Museum of the Future provides families and society with a rich journey that brings them closer to the future. It enables them to experience the future for themselves and become an essential part of it. Through the Future Heroes Summer Camp, the museum aims to ignite a love of science, knowledge and stimulate curiosity about the future.

The Future Heroes summer camp is another feature beyond the experience. It branches out of the Museum of the Future’s Programming, where workshops, talks, masterclasses and an array of other programmes are introduced to the world. Bringing together great minds to help shape and design the future, the museum’s programming will create a global community of innovators.


About The Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future is the first museum of its kind. Built to transform the very perception of the future as we know it, the unique structure has become home to several immersive future environments that aim to position visitors in an empowering version of the future. Through distinctive themes, it elicits a world we thought we could only experience 50 years from now. Visitors become active participants in an expansive experience that taps into all five senses. By meaningfully merging aspects of science, technology and spirituality, the Museum inspires humanity to re-imagine the future and all its possibilities. 

One of the most complex and ambitious projects ever executed, with an instantly iconic inimitable exterior. Rising 77-metres above the ground and comprising 1,024 unique stainless steel composite panels, the façade is adorned in Arabic calligraphy, displaying three quotes written by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai.

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