Dubai, United Arab Emirates:- Meats & Cuts, the UAE's premier artisan butcher shop and deli, proudly unveils its ambitious expansion strategy, poised to redefine the culinary landscape and elevate the butchery experience, with the introduction of 14 new branches across the GCC, The expansion commences with the opening of two luxurious new branches in Dubai, situated in the vibrant Arabian Ranches and New Meadows Village, and another in Riyadh’s bustling Tahlya district, all of which are set to open by beginning of March.  

Renowned for its commitment to quality, Meats & Cuts is the only butchery in the UAE utilizing traditional dry aging methods, ensuring an unparalleled intensity of flavor for its meats. Additionally, the brand crafts premium cold cuts and sausages, meticulously prepared to offer a clean, natural, and additive-free indulgence.

Meats & Cuts' upscale concept as a sophisticated butcher retail shop and delicatessen elevates the experience, featuring opulent and sleek interiors that merge seamlessly with the convenience of a pre-proportioned, grab-and-go format for walk-in customers. Each location serves as a testament to transparency and quality, showcasing an open kitchen and butcher, ensuring every product meets the brand's exacting standards.

The upcoming Meats & Cuts location in Riyadh will feature a groundbreaking establishment with women leading the front office and sales, making it the first of its kind butchery in Saudi Arabia. This progressive move underlines the brand's commitment to diversity and inclusivity within the culinary industry.

Commenting on the expansion, Khaled El Wazzan, Founding Partner and CEO of Meats & Cuts, expressed, "Our expansion represents more than just the success of Meats & Cuts; it is a celebration of culinary craftsmanship, innovation, and inclusivity. The resounding success of our very first venue in Dubai has paved the way for this luxurious expansion. We are here to redefine the butcher shop experience, infusing tradition with modernity to create a symphony of flavors that transcends borders. This marks a significant chapter in our journey, and we are excited to offer an unparalleled experience to our patrons – a symphony of premium meats, culinary expertise, and a commitment to fostering a sense of community through the joy of fine dining. As we venture into new territories, we carry with us the passion that has defined Meats & Cuts, and we look forward to becoming an integral part of the rich culinary tapestry of these vibrant locales."

With over 14 additional branches planned for the next two years, Meats & Cuts is committed to making their elevated and luxurious service and premium meats accessible to a wider audience while maintaining its unwavering focus on quality.

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About Meats & Cuts:

Meats & Cuts is the UAE's premier artisan butchery and gourmet deli, redefining the culinary landscape with its selection of high-grade meat and cheese featuring traditional dry aging methods, premium cold cuts, and sausages. The brand's commitment to quality, transparency, innovation and inclusion is highlighted in its upscale interiors, grab-and-go convenience, commitment to quality and the upcoming first-of-its-kind women-led butcher house in Riyadh.

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