Abu Dhabi, UAE: Master’s and doctoral students currently pursuing degrees from Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) had the opportunity to network with industry partners at the university’s second in-person Internships and Opportunities Fair. The fair provides a platform for students to secure on-the-job experience and gain exposure to potential employers.

Held yesterday at the university’s Masdar City campus, this year’s event follows on from the success of previous editions, which enabled several alumni to secure future employment in the UAE with some of the country’s most innovative companies.  

With 37 organizations from the private and public sectors participating this year, the networking platform underscores the demand for AI expertise across a range of the UAE’s industries, including logistics, healthcare, telecoms, consulting, and financial services. 

“As organizations throughout the UAE increasingly develop in-house AI expertise, demand for our students is increasing, both for internships as well as longer-term employment,” MBZUAI Acting Provost, Professor Timothy Baldwin said. “There are two key factors at play - many of our students are engaged in research across different sectors that can have immediate impact for potential employers, and at the same time, a majority of our alumni choose to stay and find career paths here in the UAE due to the country’s focus on becoming a global AI hub.”

Companies such as Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi (SCAD), Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Dubai Police, Etisalat, Etihad Airways, KPMG International, Insilico AI Medicine, and more, showcased to MBZUAI students and alumni, a range of short-term and more permanent opportunities. Featuring panelists from DHL and General Motors, an industry panel discussion gave hints and tips for success in the AI job market to those in attendance.

“A core remit of MBZUAI is to contribute to the nation’s growing stature as an AI power, not only for research but also in applying AI-based solutions to real-world business challenges,” Professor Baldwin said. “As our students take on professional roles in the UAE, we see firsthand how AI can be deployed to address challenges facing both the government and the private sectors.”

Presight AI’s Director of Human Capital, Ross George Jamieson, said: “As the region’s leading international big data analytics company powered by AI, Presight is thrilled to be participating in this internships and opportunities fair to connect with talented individuals who are passionate about leveraging data to drive impactful insights and outcomes.

“Our company is dedicated to staying at the forefront of data science and analytics, and we believe that recruiting the best and brightest minds is crucial to our continued success. We look forward to meeting with the talented candidates and sharing more about our exciting projects, collaborative culture, and opportunities for growth and development within our company,” he continued.

MBZUAI has marked two significant milestones within 2023. The commencement of its first graduating class saw 52 students from 24 countries, including eight Emiratis, receive postgraduate degrees in computer vision and machine learning. A majority (81%) of the inaugural class have confirmed employment or Ph.D. placements at MBZUAI; of those, 95% have remained in the UAE to continue contributing to Abu Dhabi’s AI ecosystem.


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