The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) held a training workshop emphasizing the role of scientific translation in disseminating knowledge, as part of the Dubai International Program for Writing (DIPW). The workshop was led by trainer Dr. Ghanem Al Samarrai, who emphasized the importance of scientific translation in enriching Arab knowledge content and making knowledge accessible to a wider audience. DIPW is an innovative strategy that aims to provide an ideal platform for youth to develop their literary skills and pursue their creative ambitions.

The workshop is an addition to the numerous knowledge initiatives and events held under DIPW, forming a fundamental component of MBRF’s diverse projects. The DIPW serves as an innovative platform for youth to build their capacities and talents. By providing them with the requisite resources and tools, the program creates ideal conditions that foster its participants’ success and excellence throughout their ambitious knowledge and literary career journey. Furthermore, DIPW has produced exceptional talents, all of whom have achieved remarkable feats and delivered unique literary produce that have received wide recognition. 

Scientific translation plays a vital role as it makes knowledge accessible to a wider audience, significantly contributing to the transmission and sharing of information across the globe. Highlighting this, the workshop aimed at training translators and building their talents in this critical field, producing more leading intellectuals and influencers in knowledge fields to enrich the Arabic content with the latest comprehensive sciences and knowledge works.

His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb, CEO of MBRF, said, "This scientific translation workshop is a significant addition to our varied knowledge initiatives and activities organized under DIPW. It has been laying the framework to advance knowledge development for over a decade, with the sole aim of increasing the number of achievements in various knowledge fields. By hosting numerous initiatives and projects under its umbrella, the Program continues to play a vital role in advancing the knowledge movement both locally and internationally, providing an ideal condition for fostering youth talents and capacities in varied writing fields. It fosters their creative side by building on solid linguistic, cognitive, and scientific foundations, thereby contributing to the development of a generation of writers, creative authors, and translators capable of producing a variety of inventive literary works.The MBRF is committed to launching such innovative initiatives and activities that enrich Arabic knowledge and linguistic productions. This is in line with the directive of our wise leadership, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who aims to promote the role of Arabic in the knowledge of the future, science, and innovation."

The workshop aimed to enhance the translation skills of its participants, as well as their linguistic capabilities. The trainer, Dr. Ghanem Al Samarrai, shed light on various types of translation, focusing on the basic standards to be achieved in scientific translation specifically. He further stressed that scientific translation requires higher levels of accuracy, expertise, precision, and proficiency in the language. This could be achieved by properly understanding the scientific content in the original language and drafting the translation according to the literary and grammatical rules of the Arabic language. This will further result in the production of an independent text that retains the knowledge and content of the original text, as well as the qualities of the strong Arabic language, giving readers the chance to read the book in their mother tongue. The participants also learned about the latest tools and resources that will aid translators in their work to improve the quality of the translation, as well as the most crucial methodologies used to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the translation.

In 2013, the MBRF launched the Dubai International Program for Writing as a comprehensive framework for numerous knowledge projects and initiatives that seek to enhance the knowledge movement in the UAE and beyond. Since its inception, DIPW has trained over 300 young participants in a variety of writing disciplines and has launched numerous workshops in the UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco.


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