The company will use the funds to scale operations and develop new product features, including Arabic language incorporation across all platform operations

DUBAI, UAE: LVL Wellbeing, a UAE-based corporate wellbeing platform startup that provides a holistic system of unique individual, team and corporate wellbeing practices that contribute to a healthier work/life balance, has successfully closed its Series A funding round. The round was led by MG Wellness Holding, a wellness-focused subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi-based investment holding company, Multiply Group.

Post the Series A round, LVL Wellbeing will incorporate HealthierU, a subsidiary of Multiply Group, into its operations. A marketplace platform that connects individuals with wellness consultants around the world offering virtual 1-on-1 sessions, HealthierU’s ecosystem has yielded remarkable results which showcase a significant reduction in the risks associated with some chronic diseases among pre-disposed individuals.

LVL Wellbeing CEO, Gary Blowers, said: “This investment will enable us to continue to develop the LVL Wellbeing platform into the market-leading workplace wellbeing platform and enable the development and delivery of a range of exciting new features in H2 2023, including the launch of our Arabic language version of the app. Additionally, we will double-down on our investment in creating unique, immersive experiences in corporate spaces, giving our members the opportunity to prioritise their wellbeing whether at home, in the office or whilst travelling. The investment will also seed LVL Wellbeing’s expansion into Saudi Arabia as part of its organic regional growth plans.”

Referencing HealthierU, Blowers said: “The integration of HealthierU into the LVL Wellbeing ecosystem will enable us to combine forces to offer the most comprehensive preventative health and wellbeing services to our members and clients - starting with further growth in the UAE and then expanding our focus regionally, and then globally. With LVL Wellbeing having concentrated on building a product that’s focused on content and engagement, broadening the offering that HealthierU has developed will create a market-leading holistic solution for our combined client portfolio and member base.”

Since the corporate re-think brought about by the impact of COVID-19, LVL Wellbeing has become a leader in the provision of an all-round approach to the ever-present challenge of workplace wellbeing. The company has formulated partnerships and associations across the region with some of the biggest organisations, all prioritising employee wellbeing and building an identifiable return on investment.

The LVL Wellbeing app has a wide range of engagement features, including original on-demand video content and carefully curated live sessions, all of which are designed to support members on their journey to wellbeing. Additionally, real-time data accessible by LVL Wellbeing’s corporate clients enables them to make more informed decisions and understand the ROI on their wellbeing investments.

As most employees have now returned to working from the office, LVL Wellbeing has developed a market-leading digital wellbeing studio to deliver LVL Wellbeing content directly into purpose-built wellbeing spaces in corporate buildings, with a flagship studio at Standard Chartered Tower in Dubai, a brand new digital wellbeing studio at ProSeed in Abu Dhabi, the newest digital studio on Palm Jumeirah to be announced in August and more in the pipeline.

The conclusion of the Series A investment round comes after a series of new business wins, including an exciting new hospitality partnership, which at this stage will collectively enable the LVL Wellbeing team to grow in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Halifax, Canada, whilst preparing for the next round of expansion of their customer base on a global scale.