Cairo, Egypt: Kuaishou International Business (KSIB), parent business to leading short-form video platforms - Kwai and SnackVideo - released their second Transparency Report today covering the period from January 1st, 2022, to June 30th, 2022. Based on the results of the report, KSIB (Kwai/SnackVideo) have set stricter Community Guidelines in order to further enhance the protective measures taken by the platform to ensure user digital safety and wellbeing.

“Transparency Reports are important to us,” said Calvin Liu, Head of Compliance, Communication and Partnership. “They not only help us create a safer environment for our users, but also ensure we are accountable for the actions we take to safeguard our platforms and protect their integrity.”

Key highlights from the report include:

  • Community Safety Efforts emphasizing on Integrity and Authenticity, Suicide and Self-Harm, and Dangerous Content to better balance the safety and experience of users
  • Safeguarding Election Integrity contributing to the integrity of electoral processes and liberties and limiting threats that misinformation poses online and offline to individuals and democratic institutions and norms
  • Community Guidelines Enforcement marking 8,205,948 videos removed worldwide for violating our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service
  • Legal Requests identifying that KSIB established a centralized law enforcement portal to receive government requests in 2022, enabling authorities to submit court orders and emergency requests where we assure them to respond promptly.

"Publishing a Transparency Report is one way for us to increase understanding and awareness of the policies, enforcement actions, and approach to privacy and security as well as to show our commitment to ensuring our users’ online safety," concluded Liu.

The KSIB Transparency Report is available and downloadable to users through:


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About Kwai:

Kwai is a short-form video platform owned by tech heavyweight Kuaishou. Headquartered in Beijing, it is the second largest short video platform by average Daily Active Users (DAUs), and the second largest live streaming e-commerce platform by Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) globally. Kwai employs more than 20,000 staff across its offices in China, the United States, Brazil, Indonesia, Egypt and GCC.