KSA: COFE App, the region's premier online coffee marketplace, recently announced the launch of its latest innovation - COFE Cloud. COFE Cloud, which is a SaaS solution (Software as a Service), is all set to go live with KSA’s Barn’s coffee. With COFE Cloud, Barn’s will now be able to leverage the digital capabilities of a cutting-edge technology to optimize its operations. 

The collaboration between COFE Cloud and Barn's is poised to redefine the landscape of F&B operations and customer experiences, especially in the coffee ecosystem. With COFE Cloud, Barn's has been empowered to enter the new era of technological advancement that will positively impact everything from their operational efficiency to enhanced customer experience, business growth and expansion, data-driven decision making, brand differentiation, to revenue streams and profitability, and scalability.

COFE Cloud was launched in the test environment mid 2023 and has already gained popularity across the company’s operating markets. Commenting on the new segment, COFE's Founder & CEO, Ali Al Ebrahim, said: “As we move forward, COFE remains committed to staying on top of the market developments and continually adapting to satisfy the shifting demands of the coffee industry. Even through its various diversifications, COFE’s promise remains the same -  strengthening the coffee ecosystem at every level. COFE’s collaboration with Barn's stands as a testament to this transformative potential. It is not just a new chapter for COFE Cloud and Barn's; it's a defining moment for the entire industry.”

Barn's have followed exponential growth trajectories, with the Brand broadening its reach from 130 branches in 2018 to a remarkable 650+ outlets by the end of 2023. Nevertheless, the ability to not only understand but also enhance every touchpoint in the customer journey by providing a seamless and intuitive experience.

Commenting on Barn’s tie-up with COFE Cloud, Barn’s CEO, Eng. Mohammed Al-Zain, stated: “We are very thrilled about Barn’s expansion into the overseas market. And as our business navigates these critical inflection points, we are confident that COFE’s cutting-edge SaaS solution will give us a tactical edge in our growth journey. We are confident that Barn's stands to improve its efficiency, streamline processes, and respond to the unique demands of varied markets with COFE's innovative approach to how people get to their daily cuppa.”

Earlier this year, Barn's launched an aggressive international expansion plan, with an established goal of reaching 1,000 stores worldwide by 2030. Barn's plans to concentrate on drive-thru restaurants and compact, adaptable locations as a strategic move to cater to evolving customer preferences and urban surroundings. As Barn's sights turn toward the future, its strategic collaboration with COFE will allow the Brand to  adjust to changing market forces while remaining faithful to its heritage. 

COFE Cloud provides a variety of features, including innovative offerings such as loyalty program, subscription management, and seamless connection with marketing tools, to name a few. “The power of COFE Technology enables brands to transcend traditional boundaries. By integrating the vibrant pulse of the coffee industry with innovative technological solutions, we're not just facilitating business; we're revolutionizing it,” stated Shahood Siddiqui, CTO, COFE. 

According to World Coffee Portal data, the Middle Eastern branded coffee shop industry now has around 8,870 outlets and is expected to grow to 11,840 locations by 2027. Saudi Arabia was labeled as the region's top branded coffee shop market in Project Café Middle East 2023, growing 18.5% in the year ended November 2022 to 3,556 outlets.

About COFE

COFE is the region’s #1 app for everything coffee! The platform makes coffee ordering fast and efficient and provides users an access to a wide range of international franchises and local coffee brands through multiple premium services. COFE Market, the platform’s ecommerce offering also allows users to purchase coffee beans, machines and other home brewing accessories, creating a lasting impact on the entire coffee industry B2B supply chain ecosystem. 

Founded by Ali Al-Ebrahim in November 2018, COFE App currently operates in Kuwait, KSA, UAE, and Egypt, with international expansion in the pipeline. The platform has grown from strength to strength since its official launch. It was listed by CITC KSA as one of the top 10 most downloaded applications in 2020, and was also the official main partner of Riyadh Season 2022. Most recently the brand announced its strategic partnership with Saudi Coffee Company to support the development of the Saudi coffee sector. 

COFE App is available on App Store and Google Play store. 

Website: https://www.cofeapp.com

About Barn’s Coffee

Barn’s is the leading national brand which established back in 1992, Today the brand operates and located in more than 650 branches kingdom wise where it serves drive- thru and has well delegated seating area branches, nevertheless speciality coffee stores and self- service machines 

For any media enquiries, please contact: 
Zahra Husain, Head of PR & Communications, COFE
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