This November, let Luxe Medical Clinic take care of all your needs with some incredible special offers on a selection of treatments

Dubai, UAE: Luxe Medical Clinic Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic, located in The Galleria Mall in Al Wasl, is Dubai's first and premium Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics Clinic. With a commitment to excellence, a diverse team of internationally recognised specialists, and cutting-edge medical technology, Luxe Medical Clinic is setting new standards in patient satisfaction and healthcare excellence.

Luxe Medical Clinic offers a wide range of services, including Reconstructive Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, and Aesthetics, all designed to address the unique needs and preferences of individual patients. With over 120 nationalities served, the modern and welcoming environment ensures that every visitor feels comfortable and relaxed during their visits. The talented team understands that each patient is unique, and their approach is rooted in customisation, allowing them to provide tailored treatment plans that meet individual needs.

The mission at this groundbreaking clinic is very clear: to deliver exceptional healthcare and wellness services, creating an environment that fosters health and happiness amongst every single patient. The team at Luxe Medical Clinic continually strives to improve the health and quality of life for their diverse clientele, going above and beyond to ensure they have the highest level of care from start to finish.

The team at Luxe Medical Clinic is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of patient care and boasts such esteemed professionals as Dr. Heba Atallah Hussein, the Medical Director and Specialist Dermatologist in Aesthetics & Dermatology, and Dr. Hadeel Adil, an Aesthetics and Dermatology Specialist. Through their years of experience, the extraordinary team has built up extensive knowledge on the best methods and treatments required for each individual patient. Well versed in all aspects of aesthetic healthcare, they are equipped to help a range of individual patient needs.

Other key members of the team include a myriad of skilled nurses on the ground, who are all DHA registered. Made up of experts in their respective fields, it comprises Ms. Gretchen from the Philippines, who is a Beauty and Laser Therapist, Ms. Sondos from Tunisia, a Beauty Therapist, and Analyn from the Philippines, a Lymphatic Massage Therapist.

Luxe Medical Clinic is more than just a plastic surgery clinic; it's a trusted partner in helping patients achieve their desired aesthetic goals. With a focus on confidentiality and privacy, the clinic ensures that patient information is handled with the utmost care.

The areas of expertise that the clinic specialises in is quite extensive and visitors can be assured of receiving the best quality treatments in reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery, aesthetics, and so much more. The professional surgeons also have specialised knowledge and extensive experience in providing successful plastic surgery in Dubai. Their patient-friendly and helpful nature creates a highly comfortable environment at the aesthetic medical centre, and they offer complete assistance post-operation to ensure the full wellness of their clients.

For more information about Luxe Medical Clinic Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic and the services it offers, please visit their Instagram or contact 04 229 7766 / 056 688 6705.  

November Offers:
Throughout November, Luxe Medical Clinic is offering visitors the chance to look after their wellness and aesthetic needs with some tempting offers on a range of treatments. Individuals seeking the best in aesthetic care can put their trust in the talented doctors at Luxe Medical Clinic as the facility has a range of deals on everything from Botox and Full-Face Contouring to Lip Fillers and Slimming Treatments.

To add to the excitement, the highly skilled team of therapists also await to transport you to a realm of pure bliss with an extensive array of offers on the likes of facials, dermaplaning, LED masks, Ematrix, laser hair removal, and much more. Give yourself the treat you deserve leading up to the festive season and take advantage of these exclusive offers to give yourself some extra glow.

Special Promotions:

  • Botox full face for AED1,988 (original price AED2,856)
  • Botox forehead + glabellar line + crows feet for AED1,001 (original price AED2,310)
  • Profhilo + Juvederm Volite for AED1,999 (original price AED3,990)
  • Enjoue + Antistress for AED1,680 (original price AED2,625)
  • Any Lip Filler for AED1,299 (original price AED2,100)
  • Jawline Filler for AED999 (original price AED1,680)
  • Full Face Contouring (Aliaxin 4 ml) for AED3,500 (original price AED6,720)
  • Hybrid Filler Radiesse + Boletero for AED3,499 (original price AED5,250)
  • Hybrid Filler Radiesse + NCTF for AED2,888 (original price AED4,725)
  • Profhidro (Profhilo+Viscoderm) for AED1,998 (original price AED3,465)
  • RRS Combination (RRS long lasting+RRS Hyalift+RRS Eyes) for AED2,599 (original price AED5,050)
  • Neck Lifting (2 Profhilo Body + Botox for Neck) for AED3,999 (original price AED5,460)
  • Hair Combination (3 PRP + 3 LC hair) for AED4,989 (original price AED6,930)
  • Slimming Treatments starting from AED 788 Only
  • Fat Freezing with CoolSculpting at flat 50% discount 

*Any First Time Patient gets a Mesoglow treatment worth AED 1,575 for free on their First visit

Offer: Choose any of the following treatments: Quick facial with mesotherapy; carbon laser + facial; facial with free sublime treatment; facial with Ematrix; facial with dermaplaning
Price: AED788 per person  

Offer: Choose any 2 of the following treatments: Quick facial; carbon peel; sublime; mesotherapy; dermaplaning; LED mask; Ematrix

Price: AED840 per person  

Offer: Laser hair removal for any 3 areas: Underarms; upper lip; bikini line; lower face; half arms

Price: AED525 per person