Hossam Seifeldin, CEO of Capgemini in Egypt, recently spoke at a panel discussion titled "Communication and Technology: The Fastest Growing Sectors and Opportunities to Attract Foreign Investments." The event was part of the esteemed Al Mal GTM's 9th CEOs Thoughts Conference 2024, themed "A Year for Exploring Recovery.”

During the panel, Seifeldin highlighted Capgemini's successful global delivery model, which balances quality, efficiency, talent, and collaboration to achieve strategic business objectives.  He emphasized the pivotal role played by the collective efforts of the private sector, the government, and other relevant stakeholders in supporting Egypt's digital strategy for the offshoring industry between 2022 and 2026.

Moreover, Seifeldin spoke about how Capgemini's commitment to expanding its workforce in Egypt to 3000 employees over the next three years will significantly contribute to attracting foreign direct investment, thus helping to bolster the economy and ultimately positioning Egypt as a global IT hub.  His insights shed light on the immense potential of Egypt's technology sector to boost exports and drive sustainable growth.

Capgemini in Egypt strives to provide exceptional services to clients globally, combining cutting-edge technology with a highly skilled workforce. As an industry leader, the company is keen to support the Egyptian government's digital strategy and contribute to driving growth in Egypt's vibrant offshoring industry.

This panel discussion was a remarkable opportunity for key industry players, stakeholders, and investors to exchange ideas and explore the potential for collaboration in tapping into foreign investment opportunities in the country.