Dubai, UAE: Tradeling, the Middle East and North Africa’s dominant e-marketplace focused on business-to-business (B2B) transactions, partnered with Astrum Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of IT accessories and consumer electronic goods, to support the distribution of Astrum’s products in MENA and ensure ease of operations in the region.

Driven by the purpose that everything they do, they do because they believe the future of trade is digital, Tradeling is giving their users what they never thought they needed by enabling cross border trade and unlocking the MENA region to internationally based sellers and manufacturers all while providing MENA buyers with financial services to accelerate their growth plans and maximise their profits.

In cooperation with Tojoy Shared Holding Group and Astrum, Tradeling will be the sole and exclusive master distributor of Astrum’s goods in the MENA region. The partnership is an example of one of many ways in which Tradeling supports manufacturers to reach a bigger segment of distributors and resellers from multiple regions and markets across the globe without setting foot in the region, allowing them to reduce their costs while maximizing their efforts.

In addition to a wider network, Tradeling provides Astrum with exemplary services like product inspection, logistics, warehousing, customer acquisition, distribution, marketing, and after-sales services. For example, to encourage distributors in this region to buy and distribute Astrum branded products, Tradeling will run promotions and campaigns to benefit buyers in the region and sell Astrum products to their respective target markets.

Today, Astrum listed over 30 products on varying from mobile, IT and gaming accessories, which the latter will be responsible for raising awareness amongst resellers and distributors in MENA to drive consumer adoption and therefore sales of Astrum products in the region. Tradeling will also be supporting those distributors by utilising B2C platforms such as Amazon and Noon to reach the direct consumer.

Marius Ciavola, Chief Executive Officer at Tradeling, said: “At Tradeling we understand the future of trade is digital and we also believe that the future is actually now. The partnership between Astrum and Tradeling allows us to expand our digital ecosystem and fulfill this purpose. As the exclusive distributor of their products in the region, Astrum has the flexibility to sell their products to suppliers here without even being operational in the region, offering them better margins and lower investment costs compared to establishing operations in MENA.”

Manoj Kumar Pansari, Chairman  and Founder of Astrum, noted, “We are very pleased to be working with the innovative Tradeling team in the promising Middle East and North Africa markets.   Astrum provides ease of use and convenience for business people, and consumers to help them further bridge the obstacles between digital life and their busy daily activities.   Tradeling plays a pivotal role in the burgeoning MENA region as we advance our reach eventally to 150 countries globally. 

TOJOY Shared Holding Group CEO, Ge Jun said:"TOJOY helps entrepreneurs to do business without borders and we are very confident about Astrum’s reach globally and the capabilities of Tradeling in the MENA region”.

Today, Tradeling has over 150,000 registered buyers and sellers in multiple regions around the world.  In two years time, Tradeling has advanced its ​​revenue rapidly and is now the leading e-commerce platform in the MENA region. A partnership like this bolsters the reputation that Tradeling is the gateway for international suppliers wishing to expand their reach to different markets, becoming a digital-first company and accomplishing more than thought imaginable.


About Tradeling:

Tradeling is building the dominant business-to-business ecosystem in MENA, with its eMarketplace and other platforms such as edukaan, Tradeling Pro and Tradeling Commodities, catering to all types of business customers. Led by a team of experienced technology startup builders, with strong financial backing through Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA), Tradeling is on a mission to become the main search and sourcing tool for business buyers across the region.

Tradeling ensures a reliable and smooth trade process in addition to providing logistics and financing solutions. Connecting global suppliers with MENA-based demand, Tradeling leverages advanced technology to optimise the supply chain and creates economic value in addition to mitigating risks. Enabling buyers to find the right products and materials as well as engage with new suppliers and Middle Eastern buyers, Tradeling helps in negotiating prices and delivering end-to-end services for business-to-business trade engagement.

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