Dubai, UAE – As the global focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) intensifies, Haltia.AI, a cutting-edge AI startup rooted in the UAE, is setting the standard for ethical AI application. As the company gears up for its highly-anticipated alpha release, the co-founders - CEO Talal Thabet and CTO Arto Bendiken - emphasise that ethics are not just a component of their AI platform, but the company’s north star.

"We keenly aware of the transformative power of AI and its potential consequences.  It’s not just about building smarter machines; it’s about aligning them with the values that make us human," asserts Talal Thabet, CEO and co-founder of Haltia.AI. "This approach is deeply ingrained in our superstar team, guided by leading experts such as AI Ethicist Steve Cobb."

Steve Cobb concurs, "We are setting a new paradigm. In a world where AI technologies are advancing at breakneck speed, we’re committed to shaping an AI landscape that is ethical by design, drawing on the combined decades of experience and leadership provided by Talal and Arto."

With this commitment to ethical practices in mind, Haltia.AI recognises its influential role in the rapidly evolving tech landscape, calling for responsible innovation. Haltia.AI highlights the unparalleled expertise of its engineering team, each of whom is hand-picked for their prowess and commitment to excellence while rooted in ethical considerations.

Consistent with the UAE leadership’s vision for international impact and technological advancement, Haltia.AI invites companies and institutions worldwide to collaborate.  "The UAE stands as a beacon for global innovation and we aim to contribute to the UAE government’s legacy by spearheading partnerships in the ethical sphere," says Talal Thabet.

As the company transitions from stealth to spotlight with its impending alpha release, this ethical stance serves as both a corporate mission and an industry call to arms.

"Our focus on ethics isn't a trend—it's a non-negotiable responsibility," concludes Talal. "We have the expertise and vision to not only implement ethical AI but to also guide other organisations in doing so."

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About Haltia.AI:

Founded by the tech visionary Arto Bendiken and entrepreneurial powerhouse Talal Thabet, Haltia.AI is on a mission to revolutionise industries and enhance quality of life through state-of-the-art AI solutions.  Talal, with 25 years of experience across multiple sectors and five successful exits from eight startups in less than twelve years, complements Arto's deep tech background to create a unique leadership synergy.

Based in the United Arab Emirates, the company is supported by a “dream team” of globally recognised experts including renowned cypherpunks, accomplished engineers and coders. Building on the UAE's burgeoning AI ecosystem, Haltia.AI is poised to redefine how AI integrates into everyday life, fulfilling its promise to empower individuals to "live the life they imagined”.