• The partnership of GII and Abeer Medical Company’s established healthcare network of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and optical across six Saudi cities, offers ample opportunities to expand the healthcare services on offer to the Kingdom’s citizens and residents. 

Gulf Islamic Investments (GII) has signed agreements to acquire a significant equity stake in Abeer Medical Company (Abeer), the largest affordable healthcare services provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in a deal valued at an estimated SAR 600 million.

GII, a leading Shari’ah-compliant alternative investment company with US$4 billion of assets under management (AUM), identified Abeer as a leading partner to expand GII’s healthcare assets in the Kingdom – now worth some SAR 1.6 billion - including a majority stake in AlMeswak Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia’s largest dental and dermatology network. GII’s growth strategy for Abeer includes expanding the number of hospitals and clinics in addition to the roll-out of additional brands to widen Abeer’s scope and geographical footprint of healthcare services to the Kingdom’s residents and visitors. 

GII co-founder and co-CEO Mohammed Alhassan commented, “We are delighted to increase our healthcare portfolio in Saudi Arabia, which is part of a wider expansion of GII’s activities in the Kingdom. Our partnership will accelerate Abeer’s growth trajectory to include new cities and segments, supporting the capable leadership of Abeer’s founder Mohammed Alungal and his dedicated team of 2,000 staff”.

Mohammed Alungal, Abeer’s President & CEO, added “GII’s investment will enable us to boost Abeer Medical Company’s network of 14 medical centres and two general hospitals – all with clinics – with a blend of organic growth acquisitions and investment in new healthcare facilities. This is a very exciting development for healthcare landscape in Saudi Arabia Abeer will continue to pioneer its commitment to providing Affordable Quality Healthcare” as the group is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

Pankaj Gupta, GII co-founder and co-CEO, suggested that “Abeer is highly attractive to GII’s investors, with strong growth potential through multiple healthcare channels. GII’s development plans can multi-fold Abeer’s already impressive revenue and EBITDA numbers over the next five years, bringing both an expansion of the medical services available across the Kingdom and an attractive return for our investors”.

About Gulf Islamic Investments

Gulf Islamic Investments Group (GII) is a leading Shari’ah-compliant global alternative investment company. With over $4 billion of assets under management, GII seeks to achieve superior, sustainable returns and long-term value for its investors and shareholders by investing in curated growth and income-generating opportunities.

GII believes in ‘innovation with a purpose’, and works to build the sustainability of the ecosystem in which it operates. Under the leadership of a committed management team, supported by prominent shareholders from the Arabian Gulf region, GII deploys private capital across diverse alternative asset classes, including real estate, private equity, and venture capital. GII’s client network includes UHNWIs, family offices, banks, institutions, and sovereign wealth funds in the GCC and Asia.

GII is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. Its UAE entities are regulated by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) and the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA).

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