• frntlne & Gates Hospitality: Revolutionizing the UAE hospitality market & enhancing customer experience.

Dubai, U.A.E: Gates Hospitality, a leading hospitality institution known for its successful brands across the Middle East and beyond, is thrilled to announce its partnership with frntlne, a cutting-edge company with a world-first, science-backed proprietary online platform. This landmark collaboration is set to reshape the landscape of the hospitality and customer service industries in the UAE.

frntlne's innovative platform, is shaped by its proprietary methodology, The ‘frntlne Interactive Knowledge Methodology’. It is designed to empower frontline staff by providing engaging and memorable content. Founded in 2021 by serial entrepreneur Mark John, frntlne's methodology offers short, TikTok style videos and interactive content that enhances information retention and make the upskilling process enjoyable.

"We are excited to be the first client in the Middle East for frntlne," said Naim Maadad, Chief Executive and Founder of Gates Hospitality. "At Gates, we are always on the lookout for initiatives to empower, train, and educate our employees, and frntlne's innovative platform aligns perfectly with our vision of advancing the skills and expertise of our workforce through various training programs."

frntlne's success is evident through its high-profile partnerships with multinational retail and consumer brands, including L’Oreal, P&G, Swisse, Mumm Champagne, and Bondi Sands to name a few.

"What we're doing at frntlne is building a new way to engage frontline team members and influence buying decisions.” Said Mark John, CEO and Founder of frntlne. “We are committed to up-skilling workforces across industry, driving profitability, which is ever so important in the current economic climate."

Backed by a powerful consortium of strategic investors and boasting an impressive advisory board, including Dr. Mathew Knowles PhD, the father of singing star Beyoncé

Knowles-Carter, frntlne is positioned as a visionary leader in enhancing the performance of frontline staff, setting a new standard for industry excellence.

With this groundbreaking partnership, Gates Hospitality aims to raise the bar in the UAE hospitality market, enabling its workforce to leverage frntlne’s cutting-edge platform to elevate service standards and deliver unparalleled customer experiences across their renowned brands, including Folly, Publique, Bistro Des Arts, Reform Social & Grill and Ultra Brasserie.


About Gates Hospitality

Gates Hospitality is the institution behind several successful and well-established hospitality brands including Reform Social & Grill, folly, Publique, Bistro Des Arts, Ultra Brasserie – all located in Dubai, plus Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman and Red Farm in London. The company also holds the representation rights to strategically handpicked hospitality brands across the MENA region inclusive of Hotels, Resorts, Spas & Holistic Wellness, Food & Beverage and offers global hospitality advisory services through its most recent venture announced in 2022, Tribe Creators.

About frntlne

frntlne, an Australian based company with a world-first, science-backed proprietary online platform, is set to reshape the landscape of the hospitality and customer service industries in the UAE. By utilizing engaging and memorable content, frntlne provides a unique pathway for enhancing the expertise of frontline staff.

Founded in 2021 by serial entrepreneur Mark John, frntlne’s online content platform, infused with its proprietary frntlne Interactive Knowledge Methodology (FILM). This methodology offers short videos and interactive content designed to increase information retention and create confident and up-skilled frontline team members.

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