Dubai, United Arab Emirates:– Against the backdrop of the United Arab Emirates’ Net Zero 2050 Vision, GAL AMMROC and 360-DMG are poised to lead the charge in sustainable aviation upcycling through a strategic collaboration. Together, the groups are aiming to launch a groundbreaking programme that aligns with the UAE’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, positioning the nation as a pioneering force in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The venture marks a paradigm shift in addressing climate change, highlighting the UAE's steadfast dedication to environmental stewardship through the active pursuit of innovative methods to offset greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). The focal point of this exercise is a comprehensive materials reclamation and upcycling programme within the defence sector, setting a global precedent and highlighting the UAE as the home of the world's first industry recycling plant dedicated to carbon neutrality.

The partnership between GAL AMMROC, a leading provider of advanced military maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services, and 360-DMG, a specialist in aviation metals reclamation, combines industry expertise and resources to implement a robust and stringent programme that, once effective, will serve as a blueprint for defence projects across Asia, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Africa, and other global frontiers.

Integrating 360-DMG’s recycling programme with GAL AMMROC’s aerospace engineering services in the defense and commercial sectors signals a dynamic alliance with a focus on sustainability and the responsible use of natural resources. By reimagining materials processing, the extensive materials reclamation programme is designed to mitigate the groups’ carbon footprints and address broader environmental concerns, aiming to minimise waste, promote circular economy practices, and contribute to the conservation of resources. Through reducing over-dependence and over-exploitation of depleting reserves, the partnership exemplifies how public and private sectors can collaborate to drive meaningful change, setting a new standard for corporate responsibility in aviation and defence.

Taking major leaps to put this programme in motion, the first report on offsetting GHG emissions is expected to provide valuable insights into its success and future potential. The initiative stands as a testament to the pro-active stance taken by the UAE in fostering environmental sustainability and responsibility on a global scale.

Peer Hashmi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), 360-Degrees Materials Group, commented: “It is such a unique, thrilling, and ideal opportunity for both companies to embark upon this very focused sustainability initiative. In pioneering the world’s first programme for Upcycling and Revert Processing, from birth to rebirth, the alliance between GAL AMMROC and 360-DMG combines an impressive 40-plus years of defence aviation expertise. It exemplifies deep-rooted ties with key aviation entities, collaborations with leading institutes, cutting-edge environmental solutions, and a steadfast commitment to the nation's target to the net zero pathway.”

Mahmood Alhay AlHameli, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GAL AMMROC, added: “GAL AMMROC’s partnership with 360-DMG marks the beginning of a dynamic transformation of the local, regional and, eventually, global aerospace recycling and maintenance service landscapes. Our joint vision of launching the world’s first defence recycling programme re-affirms the UAE’s pioneering approach to delivering climate-friendly solutions across a variety of industries, especially as the nation continues to work towards the achievement of its Net Zero 2050 targets.”



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