• Formerly EKI, Excella continuously augments Outstanding Academic Pathways for its students across the UAE 
  • Operates three ‘Outstanding’ rated schools and one ‘Very Good’ rated school with outstanding features in the region 
  • Crafting outstanding education for students from over 80 nationalities across four schools and nurseries in the region
  • Progressively innovating and enhancing student learning outcomes, Excella retains an illustrious record of ‘Outstanding’ attainments across operating schools in the region

UAE: Evolvence Knowledge Investments (EKI), the leading education operator of high-performing K-12 schools and nurseries in the GCC, announces the revamp of the operator’s brand identity as Excella. 

Crafting outstanding education for students from over 80 nationalities across four UAE-based schools and nurseries, Excella was founded in 2006, with a mission to be the best educational operator and partner of choice in the region. As a leader in the UAE education sector, Excella offers a progressive educational approach to creating dynamic and inclusive teaching environments; nurturing students’ learning outcomes based on the disciplines of adaptability, innovation, and harnessing of the academic, digital and human potential for current and future generations. 

The holistic approach is made possible by focusing on the whole student, creatively combining students’ personal growth, mental wellbeing and academic pathways. Catered towards the development of each child, the outstanding education operator empowers students through innovative and dynamic learning environments; designed to drive students’ self-development journeys and foster a healthy appetite for curiosity and discovery. 

Dr. Mahdi Mattar, CEO of Excella, speaking on the Group’s rebrand says, “Since our establishment in the region, we have delivered quality education that develops each child and caters to their individual needs. We are proud of our successes to date – operating the three Repton schools in the UAE, our continuous stand-out ratings by ADEK and KHDA, and our Apple Distinguished School accreditations. This has all been made possible due to the dedicated staff and teaching faculty we have across all our schools and nurseries. Celebrating 15 years in the UAE, we wanted to perfectly encapsulate our ethos, which has led to several student achievements and successes over the past two decades; hence, decided to rebrand as Excella to take our forward-thinking educational approach to even greater heights.”

The leading K12 education operator manages three ‘Outstanding’ rated schools and one ‘Very Good’ rated school with outstanding features. Excella retains dedicated and highly talented experts that work hand-in-hand with the passionate teaching faculty across operating institutions. It offers the British National Curriculum spanning from Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to Year 9, with a broad range of International GCSE courses, accredited by the Cambridge and London University Exam Board; as well as, the A-Levels and International Baccalaureate programmes for Year 12 and Year 13. Since launching in the UAE, Excella has gained rapid popularity with the local community, receiving outstanding education at the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE resulting in the top university placements around the world.

In 2006, Excella partnered with Repton UK to bring the 450-year Reptonian legacy of educational excellence to the region, as the first UAE school to be established in partnership with a prestigious overseas school - Repton School Dubai in 2007. As a result, Repton Dubai was the first boarding school to open its doors to students in the region. Following the successful launch of the Nad Al Sheba campus, Excella announced the opening of Repton Abu Dhabi and Repton Al Barsha. In 2016, the K-12 operator’s passion and dedication to further augment dynamic learning environments by innovating digitally fluent teaching and learning outcomes; attained Repton Abu Dhabi the region’s first Apple Distinguished School (ADS) accreditation, followed by Repton Al Barsha in 2018.

In 2022, Excella celebrated 15 years of the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE with a bespoke heritage exhibition, showcasing the enriched Repton values, and prestigious historical culture with special artefacts and memorabilia that highlighted the foundations of Repton dating back to its inception in 1557, in the United Kingdom. Famed author and former Reptonian Roald Dahl also graced the interactive exhibition as he made a one-of-a-kind appearance to take visitors through a captivating journey, using the latest technologies of Augmented Reality (AR).

As a first of many, Excella recently also launched a blockchain-secured multimedia digital portfolio for students – Repton Passport. The innovative portfolio archives every student’s school journey with a centralised collection of academic records including transcripts, certifications, class pictures, awards, and extra-curricular achievements. Aligning with UAE’s 50-Year charter to build a central education file for every citizen, Excella launched the seamless platform to create a digital memory of student journeys, attaining a key milestone in the process, as the first K-12 education operator to do so in the region. 

Furthermore, the leading operator facilitated the launch of and manages Dovecote Nursery in Repton Al Barsha, the high-quality British nursery that offers the EYFS curriculum to children up to three years old. The leading education operator plans to open and manage nurseries in Repton Dubai and Repton Abu Dhabi from the 2022 – 2023 academic year. 

Excella, through its impressive educational portfolio, has consistently enjoyed academic successes at university level, sending students to world-renowned universities, including the University of Cambridge, Stanford University, University of Oxford, University of St. Andrews, Imperial College London, University College London, and Columbia University to name a few.

“It has been a humbling experience, working with a highly talented team who proactively support us in offering students the best academic pathways the region has to offer. Excella is an innovator in the field of education, enabling us to offer the latest technologies as part of a curriculum that supports the development of the future leaders of tomorrow. We are proud to take this step forward and continue the Repton Family of Schools’ strong legacy in the region,” concludes David Cook, Headmaster of Repton School Dubai and Chief Education Officer at Excella.

For further information please visit www.excella.org.


About Excella

Excella is a leading operator of high-performing K-12 schools and nurseries in the GCC region, and the partner of the reputed Repton School in the United Kingdom boasting more than 450 years of academic and sporting excellence.

Excella unveiled its first school in the UAE with Repton School Dubai in 2007, offering a world-class educational experience for day and boarding pupils aged from three to 18. It is rated as ‘Outstanding’ by the KHDA and follows the British National Curriculum, offering a full range of the IGCSE curriculum, in addition to the A Levels syllabus, IB Diploma and IB Career Programme.

Located on Reem Island, Repton School Abu Dhabi follows the British National Curriculum for pupils aged from three to 18, offering IGCSE and A-levels across its two campuses. The Repton Foundation School is on Rose Campus, encompassing FS 1 to Year 1 while Fry Campus caters to pupils from Year 2 to Year 13.

Repton Al Barsha (formerly known as Foremarke School) in Dubai, the leading British schools for children aged three to 18, is located in Dubai Science Park in Barsha South and follows the UK National Curriculum for England. Dovecote Nursery, the high quality British managed nursery located on the Al Barsha campus, follows the EYFS curriculum to offer premium education for children up to three years old. 

Repton Abu Dhabi attained the ‘Outstanding’ rating in the 2021 – 2022 academic year by ADEK and Repton Al Barsha was rated as ‘Very Good’ since the 2018 – 2019 academic year by KHDA.

In 2016, Excella attained Repton Abu Dhabi the first Apple Distinguished School accreditation in the region due to the school’s focus on becoming a Centre of Excellence for digitally fluent teaching and learning outcomes, followed by Repton Al Barsha attaining the same in 2018. The reputed schools were reaccredited as Apple Distinguished Schools for 2021 – 2024; resulting from their immersive use of Apple technology, and compelling learning environment that engage students and enhance learning outcomes across all year groups.