The Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB) has signed a cooperation agreement with the  Hong Kong-MENA Chamber of Commerce

Signed by Engineer Bassam El-Shanawany, Chairman of the EJB Board, and Ambassador Amr El-Henawy, President of the Chamber, this promising agreement aims to strengthen cooperation and trade, providing business opportunities for entrepreneurs in Egypt and Hong Kong.  

For his part, El-Shanawany explained that cooperation with the Hong Kong-MENA Chamber would open up great joint investment opportunities as well as new horizons for investors interested in trading in Africa through Egypt, the gateway for investment in Africa and the Arab region.
Moreover, he added that this cooperation represents a new openness and vision towards looking eastwards and the new trade opportunities and economies it offers.
He emphasised the importance of being a part of this move, which would allow us to have a strong presence and do different kinds of inter-regional trade.
Mohamed Abou Basha, EJB Secretary General, emphasized that EJB is putting together a delegation of member companies from various industries to discuss export and import opportunities, develop Egyptian exports, and hold bilateral meetings between businessmen from both sides.
He further stressed the importance of cooperation with the Hong Kong-MENA Chamber of Commerce to promote new opportunities for Egyptian companies in global markets and establish international partnerships in the region's countries to increase chances for joint investments and attract direct foreign capital, as well as enable bilateral cooperation in African and regional markets.

The agreement was signed in the presence of Mohamed Abou Basha, EJB Secretary General, Salma Al-Kadeem and Mohamed Sabah, Board Members, and many members representing agriculture, chemical industries, engineering industries, garments, spinning and weaving sectors, consulting, transportation and handicrafts.