Abu Dhabi, UAE: EIH Ethmar International Holding PJSC "EIH", a company based in Abu Dhabi, has announced the acquisition of a stake in Al Ain Pharmacy Group, the first investment of “Health Plus Holding”, a subsidiary of EIH and its healthcare investment arm, and part of its strategic vision to expand in this vital Sector.

Al Ain Pharmacy Group is one of the best providers of health services and pharmacies in the UAE, and this strategic move marks a significant milestone for EIH as it seeks to diversify and strengthen its investment in the healthcare sector through its subsidiary, “Health Plus Holding”.

For over four decades, Al Ain Pharmacy Group has been at the forefront of the pharmaceutical sector, earning widespread recognition and boasting a wide network in the UAE. This acquisition further strengthens EIH's position in the healthcare sector, in continuation of its plan to expand in this sector.

On this occasion, Mr. Ali Elgebely, Managing Director and Group CEO of EIH, said: "The acquisition of a stake in Al Ain Pharmacy Group represents a significant step for EIH to strengthen our presence in the healthcare sector, aligning with our vision of the need to diversify the sources of investment, to provide additional and sustainable value to investors, and to achieve the maximum return on investment, therefore “Health Plus Holding: will focus on investing in the health care sector, including pharmacies, hospitals and medical centres, and various healthcare facilities".

Dr. Ziad Amir Saleh, CEO of Al Ain Pharmacy Group, commented on the acquisition, saying: "We are thrilled about this partnership with EIH as it will open up new paths for our growth and development. Undoubtedly, it will empower us to deliver even more comprehensive healthcare services to our customers and play a larger, more effective role across the healthcare landscape in the UAE."

EIH's strategic investment in Al Ain Pharmacy Group exemplifies its commitment to identifying opportunities that positively impact society while expanding its investment portfolio to include various vital sectors, thereby contributing to driving the country's economy and creating job opportunities.