Company showcased its advanced sustainability solutions at the Middle East Event Show 2024, which also adhered to the UAE’s Green Agenda 2030

DXB Live, the integrated event management and experiential agency of Dubai World Trade Centre, announced the adoption of latest sustainable solutions to encourage sustainable operations in the event management sector. The agency’s active efforts to advance environmentally friendly industry practices align with renowned global standards that prioritise both socioeconomic development and a more sustainable future.

DXB Live has implemented cutting-edge sustainability strategies to lessen the environmental impact of events, such as resource consumption, waste production, and water use. These strategies embrace environmentally friendly stands and event solutions and ensure effective waste management and adequate energy consumption to reduce environmental damage. They also align with the UAE Green Agenda 2030, a comprehensive framework of measures supporting the Green Economy.

Khalid Al Hammadi, Senior Vice President of DXB Live, stated, “We are adopting advanced sustainable solutions in the events industry by actively integrating sustainability, speed, and innovation. As a leading event management company in the region, DXB Live is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of innovation to deliver exceptional results, while also pushing for positive environmental changes. Moreover, our efforts are consistent with the UAE's vision for a sustainable future, as well as the growing emphasis on recyclable materials and resources."

DXB Live reiterated its commitment to advancing sustainable solutions during its participation at the Middle East Event Show 2024. The agency provided insights into the innovative use of sustainable materials, benefits associated with modular construction, and role of technological advancements in driving sustainability.

Given the company’s advocacy for a sustainable future, DXB Live has also fostered strategic partnerships that benefit the community. Its collaboration with Desert Board, an innovative company that uses pruning residue from date palm trees to create Palm Strand Board (PSB), was highlighted at the event, outlining their shared commitment to sustainability. By demonstrating how local production can significantly lower the carbon footprint, this partnership complements the UAE's goal to reduce emissions to 206 MtCO2e by 2030.

The initiative was evaluated further with DXB Live's sustainable stand at the Middle East Awards Event Show, which was made of PSB and featured a modern design combined with eco-friendly materials. The stand, made of locally produced Palm Strand Boards, reflected the advanced four metre X-Wall systems introduced by DXB Live in 2016 that revolutionised modular stands as the largest system in the industry with a 25 per cent size advantage over its competitors worldwide. The eco-friendly flooring that was renewable, sustainably produced, and contained recycled content was also a key highlight of the stand, ensuring their appeal among urban consumers and contribution to low carbon footprint.

DXB Live also received the ‘Best Stand Design & Build - Arab Health 2024’ award at the Middle East Event Awards 2024, for designing and building Emirates Health Services (EHS) stand at Arab Health - Global Healthcare Medical Expo 2024.

The Middle East Event Show is a prominent industry event, which is being held from June 12 to 13, 2024, at the Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai, UAE, and includes a wide variety of exhibitions and seminars, culminating in an awards ceremony. DXB Live's emphasis on sustainable materials was received well at the event, ensuring that green stands and booths become a welcomed tradition and have a beneficial impact on the industry. With its commitment to sustainability extending through the past, present, and future, DXB Live makes certain that their efforts to use sustainable materials translate into tangible improvements in operations.

About DXB Live

DXB Live, the integrated event management and experiential agency of Dubai World Trade Centre, possesses the creativity, technical prowess, and operational know-how to host a diverse variety of world-class events, including exhibitions, conferences, festivals, entertainment events, national celebrations, major corporate gatherings, luxury weddings, and private parties. With robust alliances with various other renowned global event organisations, DXB Live is on track to become one of the world’s top event companies.

With over 100 major events held under its belt each year, DXB Live boasts a wealth of expertise in designing and constructing over 500,000 square feet of the most cutting-edge display platforms. It organises events and trade shows as well as offering strategic consulting services to international companies, associations, and organisations. Its dedicated team specializes in designing cutting-edge, comprehensive designs that elevate the branding of organisations, businesses, and events. Furthermore, they also create engaging, interactive environments that captivate the attention of participants. DXB Live has further established display platforms for several firms outside the UAE, notably in Europe, America, Africa, and the GCC nations.

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