Dubai, UAE:

Dr. Suhail al Bastaki stated that 7 tons of fresh local and imported meat is supplied to the ‘butchery section’ in the various branches of the cooperative in Dubai, stressing that the butchery sections are operating at full capacity, as all the departments in the new branches that were opened during the past year have been activated, and the supplies of local and imported meat in them have increased to meet the various needs and demands of shoppers.

He added that 205 tons of fresh local and imported meat, which includes varieties of Australian, Indian, Pakistani and Brazilian meat, are supplied monthly, noting that the cooperative butchery is popular for providing all kinds of minced and chopped meat, burgers and sausages and other types of grills such as mixed meat and chicken, in addition to serving them to consumers with hummus, salads and ready meals with rice.

And he indicated that strategically located Union Coop branches in various regions of Dubai, are one of the unique family shopping destinations that are designed to meet the needs of Emiratis and residents alike by catering for them with all types of fresh meat at competitive prices through dedicated sections, which has contributed to an increase in demand since the beginning of this year 2022.

He pointed out that the butchery section, which is available in 19 branches of the Union Coop, are keen to provide services that suit the desire and requests of the cooperative's customers, as the role of the cooperative is not only limited to providing high-quality products, but goes beyond that to providing additional services such as cutting, packaging and grilling with strict adherence to health and safety standards and conditions.