DUBAI: Butterfly Social, the leading private members’ concierge app is delighted to extend a warm welcome to life in Dubai, announcing its partnership with Evolutions, the very first real estate intelligence hub. This collaboration marks an exciting milestone in catering to the evolving needs of property investors in Dubai, offering them unparalleled access to the city’s vibrant lifestyle and luxury offerings.

The Butterfly Social concierge app, renowned for its private members' everyday life and social services, perfectly complements the offerings of Evolutions, a leading real estate intelligence hub in Dubai with an exclusive concept store presenting a curated collection of prestigious real estate projects by all-stage developers – from luxury, branded residences to family-focused developments. The perfect combination for investors in Dubai and all over the world.

Welcome to Dubai - for those that call it home

Butterfly Social, with its advanced digital platform and personalised concierge services, is revolutionising the way individuals discover, experience, and engage with their surroundings.

The concierge industry in Dubai has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, with approximately 70% of residents and tourists utilising concierge services for various purposes. The connection between the concierge industry and property investors in Dubai is multifaceted and deeply intertwined.

Adham Younis, CEO of Evolutions comments, “Our partnership with the distinguished concierge app Butterfly Social serves as a pivotal nexus in enhancing the lifestyle and social experiences of homeowners and investors in Dubai.  The app’s steadfast emphasis on community-building and lifestyle enhancements aligns seamlessly with Evolutions’ overarching vision of prioritising the human element synergy in our business strategy. Together, our collaboration accentuates the fusion of business with a profound sense of enjoyment, enriching the journey for homeowners experiencing Dubai’s real estate and social landscape.”

As the real estate market becomes increasingly dynamic and data-driven, investors at Evolutions require timely and personalised insights both at home and throughout the thriving city of Dubai. Butterfly Social's sophisticated digital platform, with its curated recommendations, personalised experiences, and user-friendly interface, provides seamlessly to Evolutions' clientele. The collaboration between Butterfly Social and Evolutions comes at a pivotal moment, reflecting the growing demand for integrated, tech-driven solutions in the real estate and lifestyle sectors.

The surge of concierge apps in Dubai can be attributed to the city's impressive real estate market and the diverse demographics it attracts. Around 75% of Dubai's real estate is owned by foreign nationals who are keen to experience the latest the city has to offer. A major driving force behind this trend is the majority cohort aged 25-45 years, representing young professionals seeking career growth and social and investment opportunities. Additionally, younger adults aged 18-25 years are an emerging segment, attracted by Dubai's dynamic lifestyle and potential for adventure.

Butterfly Social: Why?

For individuals old and new to Dubai, or for those interested in delving into the world of property investment; concierge services can enhance their lifestyle by offering access to bespoke services, experiences, and amenities. To benefit from personalised services and expertise, gain access to exclusive opportunities, and enhance their overall lifestyle and investment experience.

"Butterfly Social app perfectly aligns with the needs and aspirations of these discerning property buyers," said Micky Daher, Founder of Butterfly Social. "Our platform offers a curated selection of services ranging from dining reservations and event planning to transportation arrangements, ensuring that our members have access to the best that Dubai has to offer."

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ABOUT SOCIAL BUTTERFLY: In Jan 2022 the Butterfly Social app was launched and has grown significantly during the first 18 months, welcoming its discerning members to discover a unique offering of luxury services and experiences.

A concept created by eight friends living in Dubai, all with very different backgrounds, coming together with the simple desire to elevate their social lives by creating a relationship driven luxury concierge and a unique private members club that would help them build genuine connections.

Our fully customisable, award-winning app is changing the future of concierge in the GCC. A customer centric concierge solution that suits the demands of the modern client giving them more than just concierge but a community that supports other aspects of lifestyle. We aren’t confined by red tape or management based outside of the UAE that ‘claim’ they know the market here. We pride ourselves on getting things done and having relationships with our partners built upon trust and respect.

The membership community maintains its exclusivity by accepting new members by referral from an existing member only, or from our carefully selected luxury lifestyle partners. All members are interesting Dubai residents with family, friends and businesses based in the city.


Evolutions is the first-of-its-kind real estate intelligence hub in Dubai that combines a concept store of exclusive developments, a 360-degree consultancy that specialises in the entire real estate lifecycle, and a global network of industry experts to facilitate connections with major industry players. The company serves as a bridge connecting all stakeholders, including developers, investors, brokers, and end-users. It actively supports the interests of every stakeholder, working towards creating, developing, and delivering valuable assets.

The concept store experience is a new notion in the real estate market, allowing all-stage developers to join a collective of other industry players and showcase their products in an immersive and aesthetically pleasing environment. The 360-degree consultancy focuses on a tailor-made approach for the entire real estate development journey, from concept to project completion, including strategic product advisory, marketing strategy, operations procedures, sales strategy, and project management. Evolutions is established and run by a robust network of industry professionals with distinguished credentials and one of the oldest track records in the real estate industry worldwide, enabling clients to establish a broader global reach from day one. For more information visit

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