• 94% of DIA Emirates Hills students met or exceeded the world average score

Dubai, UAE: DIA Emirates Hills has once again established itself as one of the region’s leading IB continuum schools, with the results for the 2021-22 academic year. A cohort of 153 students, representing 34 nationalities, achieved a 100% pass rate and recorded an IB average of 37.2 points.

Five students attained the full 45 points in the IB Diploma, a feat achieved by only 200 students each year across the world, putting them in the top 0.1% of students globally.

DIA Emirates Hills graduates' benefit from this world-renowned qualification; achieving 620 offers (including 146 from the UK Russell Group) from 380 universities from 14 different countries and bagging over $5 million in scholarships. Students will be taking up university places from Princeton and Columbia in the US to Cambridge and Imperial in the UK or McGill and University of Toronto in Canada. Graduates will study across a broad range of subjects, highlighting the balance and skillset the IB provides.

Poonam Bhojani, CEO, Innoventures Education, said: “I would like to congratulate all our students for setting the benchmark very high this year. We are delighted that our internationally diverse class of 2022 has once again proved that they have the skill to take on one of the most competitive examinations in the world. Our mission continues to inculcate lifelong learning – and we are so proud of our culture where all students are challenged and can excel.”

Sneha Sahay who scored 45 points and said: “I am eternally grateful to my teachers and coordinator for creating such a seamless experience for us over the last two years despite these circumstances and would advise students entering the IB to trust the process and have faith in their own capabilities - it seems daunting but taking it one day at a time is when the real learning happens.”

Nour Hedna scored 45 points and said: “I am truly overjoyed with my IB results and feel very grateful for this rewarding end to my IB journey. There is no doubt that I am grateful for the support I received from my teachers and school. I must equally thank my family for always believing in me and pushing me to reach my fullest potential during the IB. My biggest advice to future students would be to never compare yourself to others, and to remember that you are your greatest competition.”

Sameeksha Prabhu who also scored a perfect 45 points said: “The past two years of high school have felt like a sprint to the finish line, and now with my results finally here, I can proudly say it’s ended on a good note. Thanks to the constant support and help of my teachers, I was motivated to aim high and achieve better despite the never-ending challenges the IB provided. Although it has been stressful, it brought to light the importance of making mistakes and more importantly, learning from them to achieve my dreams.”

Akshara Thakur scored 45 points said: “I am overjoyed with the result. IB was indeed quite challenging, but it has taught me to always strive towards bettering myself and never stop exploring. Despite coming from a different country and different curriculum, I never felt lost because of all the support I got from my teachers at DIA, who encouraged and guided me through every step in the journey.”

DIA Emirates Hills IBDP Coordinator and Deputy Head Academics, Pam Parasram said: “Our students are truly resilient have been put through the rigour of demanding IB programmes. They have made us proud with their excellent results. It is truly inspirational to have worked alongside such talented young men and women and dedicated teachers.’’

Head of Secondary, Hitesh Bhagat said, “We are delighted for the DIA community and congratulate our Year 13s for this wonderful achievement. The last two years have not been easy for this group but with their strong will and resilience, they broke all the barriers. These results are a testimonial to excellent teachers and the intensive support provided here at DIA, Emirates Hills. We are proud of our Year 13s and hope they continue to Dream, Inspire and Achieve.”

DIA Emirates Hills Principal, Ian Thurston commented: “DIA Emirates Hills students are consistently achieving exceptional IB results, for many in a bilingual setting. These students have been hugely affected by the pandemic: they’ve never sat formal exams, they’ve coped with Distance Learning or absence and yet they have excelled! These results reflect the motivation and dedication of our aspirational students and our inspirational teachers. It is a wonderful privilege to be part of a community that supports students to attend some exceptional universities across the world.” 

Raffles World Academy (RWA) student Gaja Wojcikowska, who scored 43 points, said: “The IB curriculum challenged us and prepared us for life. With the support of our families and teachers, I was able to complete the curriculum and set myself on the right path for the next part of my life!”

Her classmate Larissa Abdallah, who scored 41 points, said: "I cannot express enough gratitude to everyone that supported me these last two years. Through the support, help and guidance given by the RWA community I was able to persevere through the IB Diploma despite its challenges. Thank you to all."

RWA graduate Raneem Kabbani who also scored 41 points will study International Economics at Bocconi University, said: “The IB was challenging, but it allowed me to develop a broader perspective that will help me in life. With a lot of dedication, I persevered throughout this program, and I’m looking forward to carrying this mindset forward as I pursue my ambitions.”

RWA graduate Akshay Ashok, who scored 40 points, will going to University of California, Los Angeles to study Economics. He said: “The IB curriculum challenged us all in ways we couldn’t have been prepared for, and therefore instilled in an attitude centered around hard work and commitment. With the support of my families, peers, and teachers, I was able to complete the curriculum and set myself on the right path for the next part of my life!”

RWA graduate Yassen Abdelaziz who scored 40 points said: “Everyone said that the IBDP course was going to be torturous for all students because of its high demands. With all the support and help from my fellow students and teachers I was able to achieve a score which I myself am very pleased with. I can confidently say all my hard work has definitely paid off and I can enjoy my summer even more now." He will be going to American University of Sharjah.