Manama: Chery introduced its latest QPower architecture and unveiled two Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) models, the Tiggo 8 Plug-in Hybrid and the Tiggo 7 Plug-in Hybrid, at the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) held in Qatar. The theme, "Evolution for Future", underscores Chery's commitment to innovation and sustainability in the automotive sector.

The QPower architecture introduces PHEV hybrid power with a 1.5T engine and dual-motor three-engine power combination. The Tiggo 8 Plug-in Hybrid and Tiggo 7 Plug-in Hybrid, built on the QPower platform, offer impressive features, including a 95 km range in pure electric mode, a 950 km range in hybrid mode, and a fuel consumption of only 1.55L per 100 km. The vehicles provide nine working modes, eleven combinations of gears, and a swift 3-5 hour full charge time, delivering a smooth driving experience through TSD dual-axis drive.

With over 26 years of development, Chery is actively transitioning from traditional to smart automobiles. It continues to place a strong emphasis on advanced technology and quality, as evident by the launch of the Tiggo 8 Plug-in Hybrid and the Tiggo 7 Plug-in Hybrid. The QPower platform of these two new PHEV models enables them to offer green and intelligent travel, enhancing the driving experience for users.

The new models offer high performance, energy efficiency, and a host of intelligent technologies, including a 24.6-inch super-large intelligent curved dual screen, Sony's 8-speaker custom luxury audio system, and an L2.5-level intelligent driving assistance system.

Chery’s world-leading ‘Super Factory’ utilizes intelligent manufacturing, implementing smart production, quality control, digital management, and transparent operations. The brand's focus on intelligent technology, including interconnection and adopting an ‘internet mindset’, aims to reshape the global industry's mobility ecosystem.

In 2022, Chery achieved significant milestones with 1,230,000 vehicles sold, ranking 2nd in the industry for growth rate. New energy vehicles saw a remarkable year-on-year increase of 113%, reaching 230,000 units. Overseas exports surged by 68%, and annual revenue exceeded CNY 200 billion, marking Chery's best performance to date. Chery enjoyed a remarkable year-on-year growth of 40.2%, achieving cumulative car sales of 1,253,237 vehicles from January to September 2023.