Chery UAE proudly received the 'Future Shock Award,' a prestigious acknowledgment highlighting the brand's exceptional contributions to innovation and market performance within the country. Recognizing the fierce market competition, they have dedicated themselves to effective management practices, exemplified by the formation of a dedicated 4P team, steadily increasing market share. Renowned as Chery's most promising partners, they have strategically managed the 4Ps—product, price, place, and promotion—propelling Chery's rapid expansion and heightened market presence. This acknowledgment celebrates their remarkable achievements, showcasing their unwavering commitment and strategic foresight.

Amid intense competition, robust management practices, and continuous market engagement, the company has established itself as one of Chery's most promising partners. With this prestigious award, Chery UAE reaffirms its commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological ingenuity and customer satisfaction in the sector. Looking ahead, the entity, represented by AW Rostamani Automotive, is ready to enhance the dynamic local market even further, continuing its trend of surpassing expectations with innovative automotive solutions.


About Chery

Since its establishment in 1997, Chery has adhered to technology-driven development, with its overarching vision of building an auto brand with international competitiveness and influence. Relying on the continuous pursuit of technological innovation, Chery has become the first Chinese passenger car company to export complete vehicles, CKD parts, engines, manufacturing technology and equipment to the global market.

Through implementing product, localization, and talent strategies, Chery now covers more than 80 countries and regions with over 13 million users, ranking first in exports of Chinese brand passenger cars for 21 consecutive years.

In 2023, Chery partnered with AWRostamani, a name synonymous with over 52 years of automotive excellence in the UAE. This partnership combines Chery’s global brand presence and commitment to green technological advancements with AWR’s legacy of customer satisfaction and market expertise. The aim is to enhance the UAE automotive landscape with Chery’s latest eco-conscious models, including the Tiggo series, Arrizo series, and eQ series. These models encompass mainstream power forms such as ICE, BEV, and Plug-In Hybrid. Chery’s brand core emphasizes “Green, Technology, Family, and Companionship.”

According to the 2023 Chinese Global Brand Builders Top 50, Chery is the best Chinese global brand builder in cars and 14th on the global list. For further information, please visit or call Toll Free 800-CHERY (800-24379).