• The distinctions in positioning between bipedal robots and other robot types predominantly manifest in their application scenarios, functional requisites, and market anticipations.
  • Chery and Aimoga's collaborative endeavor in developing the bipedal robot with Embodied AI, Mornine, will usher in a wholly innovative customer ecosystem service system.

Boston Dynamics is retiring Atlas, the most famous iconic bipedal robot in existence. This news has sparked considerable interest within both the tech industry and the general public, raising questions about the future trajectory of robotics technology and potential development directions. As a trailblazer in humanoid robotics, Atlas has achieved global recognition for its remarkable mobility and impressive dynamic balance capabilities, setting numerous milestones along the way. The retirement of Atlas serves as a microcosm, reflecting the broader development trajectory of the robotics field. It underscores the rapid evolution and continuous iteration of robotics technology, showcasing the dynamic nature of advancements within the industry. These advancements are not limited to bipedal robots but span across various robot types, propelling the field towards an expansive and dynamic future. Meanwhile, the bipedal robot with Embodied AI  Mornine, a product of the collaborative efforts between Chery and Aimoga, is poised to make its debut at the upcoming CEO-themed conference.

Mornine is driven by electric motors and runs on battery power, departing from Atlas's hydraulic system. While it may not match Atlas's explosive power and performance on tough terrain, Mornine excels in scalability and cost-effectiveness, making it ideal for large-scale production and commercialization. Mornine features a highly biomimetic design, with its face crafted from human-like silicone biomimetic material. This material is engineered to deliver lifelike visual effects and tactile sensations. Moreover, Mornine can simulate human oral and facial muscle movements, articulating expressions like speaking, smiling, and opening its mouth convincingly.

Mornine is equipped with a Large Language Models (LLMs) that, when integrated with robotics technology, allows it to harness the model's capabilities in understanding and generating language. This capability enables Mornine to accurately interpret verbal or written commands from humans and translate them into specific action strategies. Moreover, Mornine incorporates Chery's extensive automotive brand knowledge, covering all models and industry insights, to develop an industry-level large-scale model. Leveraging this knowledge base, Mornine can engage in casual conversations with users and provide detailed answers to professional questions of the automotive domain.

Mornine's versatility spans across a wide spectrum of application scenarios, poised to pioneer a brand-new customer ecosystem service system. It represents a paradigm shift in humanoid robotics, offering a range of applications and poised to establish an innovative customer ecosystem service system. Its evolution unfolds through three transformative stages, each introducing groundbreaking features and expanding application horizons in response to technological advancements and evolving societal demands.

During the initial stage, Mornine serves as a proficient information provider and product advisor. For instance, within settings like automotive sales centers or showrooms, Mornine leverages its extensive knowledge base to deliver precise responses to customer inquiries and provide detailed product insights and recommendations via voice or screen interfaces. This enhances service efficiency and significantly elevates customer satisfaction levels.

Advancing into the second stage, Mornine integrates advanced capabilities such as visual recognition and autonomous navigation. It can autonomously navigate and guide customers to specific product locations, utilizing its dexterous robotic arms for physical demonstrations and operations, and even assisting customers with product handling tasks. These enhancements facilitate more lifelike human interactions, thereby enriching the overall user experience.

In its third and final developmental stage, Mornine evolves into a comprehensive home assistant, offering a myriad of services in home care scenarios. It adeptly handles routine inquiries, provides timely life reminders, assists in health management, supports eldercare and children's education, and undertakes household chores such as cleaning and cooking. At this pinnacle stage, Mornine assumes a role akin to that of a nurturing family member, deeply embedded in people's lives, thus significantly enhancing quality of life and alleviating burdens on households.

Within the robotics industry, robots are typically classified into two primary categories: those emphasizing high levels of biomimicry with human-like expressions and arm movements but lacking walking abilities, and those prioritizing walking capabilities but often exhibiting lower levels of biomimicry. Mornine, born from the collaboration between Chery and Aimoga, stands out as a remarkable example of a highly biomimetic robot equipped with advanced walking capabilities. Presently, Mornine achieves a walking speed of up to 4 kilometers per hour. The unveiling of Mornine signifies not just the persistent exploration and triumph over challenges by the research and development team, but also a substantial leap in technological progress contributing to the enhancement of societal productivity and lifestyle improvements.


About aChery

Chery Group was founded in 1997, and its subsidiary, Chery Automobile, is one of China's earliest self-owned automotive brands to surpass one million units in sales and expand into international markets. In 2023, Chery Group achieved "twelve consecutive growth" in sales, with accumulative sales of 1,881,316 vehicles, representing a year-on-year increase of 52.6%. From January to March 2024, Chery Group sold a total of 529,604 vehicles, marking a year-on-year growth of 60.3%. As of January 2024, Chery Group has accumulated a global user base of over 13 million, including 3.35 million overseas users. Chery takes independent innovation as its core strategy, establishing a product innovation system with a focus on technology R&D and dedicating itself to delivering a high-quality user experience to global consumers. Eight major R&D centers, including those in North America, South America,and Europe, have been successfully established. As of the end of 2023, Chery has filed for more than 29,000 patents and has been granted over 18,000 authorized patents, positioning itself at the forefront of the industry.

Chery's business presence extends to more than 80 countries and regions worldwide. Currently, Chery's export product range comprises the Tiggo series, Arrizo series, and eQ series, encompassing mainstream power forms such as ICE, BEV, and PHEV. With a brand core that emphasizes “Green, Technology, Family, and Companionship”, Chery remains committed to a strategic direction focused on green and low-carbon initiatives, accelerating its entry into new areas such as new energy, intelligent connectivity, shared mobility, platforms, and ecosystems.

Chery actively engages in public welfare, carrying out a variety of public benefit actions worldwide, encompassing environmental protection, targeted poverty alleviation, and educational donations, such as donating $6 million to support UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) in its "Global Education Thematic Programme", demonstrating the mission and responsibility of Chinese brands to the international community.

Chery has held the position of China's top passenger car exporter for 21 consecutive years and has received the title of "Top 20 Best Overseas Image Enterprises" in five consecutive selections by the SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission) and the CICG (China International Communications Group). In the Kantar BrandZ Top 50 Chinese Brand Builders 2023 report, Chery ranks first in the automotive category. According to J.D. Power's various automotive index studies for 2023, Chery holds the top position in the IQS (Initial Quality Study) among China's domestic brands. Additionally, its vehicle series, including the Tiggo 8, Tiggo 7, and Tiggo 4, have each achieved first place in their segments.