• BotGuard uses advanced behavioral analysis techniques to detect suspicious visitor activity
  • Bad traffic is a growing threat that accounted for more than 30% of all internet traffic in 2022

    Dubai, UAE: BotGuard is a European company that operates globally, with clients and partners in more than 30 countries around the world. It’s the global cyber technology platform that ensures web security with a technology that gives webmasters and site owners a simple and reliable tool to decide who they want to let in. Exhibiting in GITEX with a booth located in Dev Slam, Hall 26 - C15, the team will welcome visitors, partners and customers to run demonstrations of the latest product.

    Also, on Monday October 16th at 1:50 pm local time, Bertil Brendeke, Chief Revenue Officer at BotGuard will take the stage at GITEX Impact next to Nezha Alaoui, Founder & CEO at Women Choice and other influential leaders from the region to discuss how investing in innovation and while fostering inclusive progress is key and makes all the difference.

    “We are expanding rapidly and have acceleration plans for the Middle East region; so, to be present at the largest tech event, GITEX, is a great opportunity to meet with our current partners and customers, and our target audience in general. The uniqueness and efficiency of our technology is a great match for the increasing local need for the latest in innovation as the United Arab Emirates continue to lead the way in offering an attractive environment for tech companies and start-ups from all backgrounds”, said Nik Rozenberg, Founder & CEO of BotGuard.

    BotGuard offers a range of key features that provide effective solutions for combating bot-related issues and other modern web threats. They use advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify and differentiate between human traffic and malicious bots, in a truly user-friendly with advanced control solution. Here are some highlights:
  • With Instant Website Protection, a website can easily be protected just by installing a web server extension module, a CMS plugin or a hosting panel plugin. This easy-to-integrate protection solution gives a full defense against hackers and bots, while improving SEO and offering precise web analytics that are not influenced by ad fraud or other factors. Bots make up over one third of web traffic today, and every site needs reliable protection.
  • BotGuard GateKeeper allows to fully protect all web infrastructures by filtering web traffic at its landing point. It is an advanced reverse proxy built around BotGuard's bot and hacker detection technology that hides the infrastructure and completely protects it from any L7 threats and DDoS attacks. Besides the protection, this solution also allows hosting and managed services providers to optimize resources, save on costs and generate new revenue streams as it is a channel-ready solution.

    For those that wish to run a simple test to see if their website is at risk, BotGuard’s scanner is a 1 minute option to verify that. Visit the team at GITEX Global – Dev Slam Hall 26 Booth 15 from October 16 to 20 at Dubai World Trade Centre.

About BotGuard:

BotGuard is a European company established in 2019 and headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. We operate globally, with clients and partners in more than 30 countries around the world. We are a uniquely distributed team of exceptional professionals. Since the company was founded, even before the pandemic changed the rules of doing business around the world, we have relied on experienced and respected professionals, sharing our views and mission, regardless of where they live and work. Now parts of our team can be found in 10 different countries from Estonia to Germany, to Brazil, to Australia.

Our mission is to give webmasters and site owners a simple and reliable tool to decide who they want to let in. Everyone has the right to defend their home from intruders. Long ago, this right was known as the ‘Castle Doctrine’. These days, although we don't have castles anymore, we do have our homes and businesses, and we still have the right to keep them safe. The ‘Castle Doctrine’ is about ensuring everyone is safe from harm without sacrificing anyone's freedom. This is what we do on the web.

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