• The inauguration of our Dubai office is a significant milestone, following the successful establishment of nine branches in Egypt within our first year.
  • This expansion into the Gulf region underscores Bold Routes' commitment to serving a wider clientele."

"Bold Routes," for real estate consultancy, marketing, and brokerage, has held its first event marking the end of the first quarter of this year. The company also took the chance to announce the launch of its tenth branch, a regional office located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

"Bold Routes" is now considered to be one of the most successful and largest real estate brokerage and marketing companies in Egypt, and by far the fastest growing. The company's success is not just a result of its size, but also its unique business model. This model is based on a partnership with the company's commercial franchisees, whom it considers its real, irreplaceable assets. It's this innovative approach that has set Bold Routes apart in the market.

During its event, which hosted VIPs, socialites, success partners, and the most important and influential figures in the real estate sector, Bold Routes invited all of its employees, who numbered up to 1,950. The inspiring successful professionals came together for the first time to celebrate the company's successes, and showcase what they have achieved over the past months in a business, yet social meeting entertained by "Disco Misr," who played a variety of their works.

For his part, Eng. AbdelRahman Badr, CEO of "Bold Routes," said that the company was born a giant, taking the Egyptian market by storm with unprecedented successes and sales exceeding 30 billion Egyptian pounds in just nine months! AbdelRahman Badr's words are not just a boast but a testament to the company's ability to achieve remarkable results. This success has helped Bold Routes become a bridge of trust between consumers and real estate developers, a dependable real estate consultant, and a successful marketer of reliable real estate products in the Egyptian market.

AbdelRahman Badr expressed his utmost enthusiasm about the launch of the first "Bold Routes" offices in Dubai. This new venture will serve as a gateway to market Egyptian real estate products in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region, and as a direct link between expat Egyptians, Arab or foreign consumers and their real estate investments in Egypt. "This aligns perfectly with the Egyptian state's goals in promoting the export of Egyptian real estate products and marketing them globally, through several recently enacted laws that encourage real estate investment in Egypt and offer unprecedented advantages to buyers in the Egyptian market," AbdelRahman Badr added.

"Bold Routes'" CEO also announced that the company's office in Dubai will work on marketing real estate projects within the Emirates and in the Gulf for consumers wishing to invest from within Egypt or in the region so that the new company branch will provide the unparalleled experience of its workforce in marketing and real estate consultancy to one of The most active and fastest growing real estate markets in the world.

During its event, "Bold Routes" celebrated its successes during the first quarter of this year and also announced that it is targeting sales of 110 billion pounds during the year 2024. The company also honored the distinguished names in its team while celebrating the success stories that were achieved during the past period. The event was held in a family atmosphere of fun that characterizes the company's philosophy, being one of the best, most friendly, and practical work environments in Egypt.