• Mr. Saravanakumar Dhinakaran, Head of IT BITS Pilani Dubai campus won “Technology Accelerator of the Year 2023”.

Dubai, UAE: BITS Pilani Dubai Campus (BPDC) has won Outstanding Technology Transformation Award at the SME Tech Innovation Summit & Awards 2023. Organised by Leap Media Solutions, the award function recognised the digital transformation vision and initiatives by Prof Srinivasan Madapusi, Director, BITS Pilani Dubai Campus. BPDC is the only University from UAE to win the Award in this category. Mr. Saravanakumar Dhinakaran, Head of IT, at BPDC won “Technology Accelerator of the Year 2023” award for his contribution to the technology transformation drive of BPDC.

The UAE has a vibrant SME segment and contributes a lot to the country’s economic growth. The SME Tech Innovation Summit & Awards was conceived as an annual forum for the SME segment, facilitating dialogues and a better understanding of as many technologies that can fuel growth for companies. The spectacular Awards Ceremony recognized IT and cybersecurity leaders from different verticals as well as CX experts from various industries.

Jubilant in winning the awards and the industry’s recognition of BPDC’s pioneering technological initiatives, Prof. Srinivasan Madapusi, visionary leader and Director of BITS Pilani Dubai Campus, said, “Digital transformations are inevitable for the academic institutions to prepare the young minds for the next digital era. Post pandemic all institutions need to reimagine their educational model with technology transformation and innovation being a strategic component. BPDC was amongst the early adopters of technology transformation even before the pandemic as we have set our vision to become an E-campus -Digital Campus wherein the learning experience of the students will enhance in a way that they can rule to future digital world. With this award our team’s exceptional commitment to digital innovation and agility in adapting to new technologies has been acknowledged by the organisers. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the faculty, staff and students in pushing the boundaries of technology and transforming the educational landscape.

On this occasion Prof. Srinivasan Madapusi also congratulated Mr. Saravanakumar Dhinakaran, Head of IT Division, who has won the Technology Accelerator of the Year Award 2023, “Our students are guided by our able faculties and staff, and we are extremely grateful that we have Mr.Dhinakaran to realise our vision. His innovative ideas and pioneering work have made a significant impact in the technology field, and we couldn't be prouder of his achievements.”

Visibly excited, Mr. Sarvanakumar Dhinakaran, said, “AT BPDC we have been working relentlessly to achieve E-campus vision. This award has given us an impetus to achieve our vision by expediting our initiatives and in the process preparing our students with necessary digital abilities required for the modern workplace.”

Some of the technological initiatives executed at BPDC are:

  • Cisco Telepresence system which connects our other three campus in India. It facilitates the meeting and classes through online with immersive experience. It reduces carbon footprint and optimizing the resources and sharing of expert information effectively.
  • Traditional classrooms with Blackboards and whiteboards are migrated to Integrated Interactive screens. The Interactive screens will enable the classroom sessions in a more interactive, collaborative, and creative manner which supports the faculty and students to liaise with the latest technology trends.
  • Implemented Learning management system (LMS) which enables the collaborative education methods, sharing of course materials, submission of assignments, conducting evaluation components in digital format.
  • Build a sustainable datacentre by implementing Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Nutanix solution by migrating from traditional rack mounted servers. It reduces the carbon footprint by reduce the power and cooling consumption.
  • Entire campus is connected with Wifi infrastructure which is essential for the students, faculty and staff members to meet the educational essentials wirelessly.
  • Achieved the less paper environment by implementing managed print solution, automated the workflow etc. It reduces the printer counts from 100 to 25 numbers which drastically reduces the paper consumption, avoid the paper wastages and reduces the carbon footprint.
  • Biometric attendance (Face recognition) system is implemented for the faculty and staff members to register their entry and exit details in the campus. It replaces the traditional paper-based register system.


About BITS PILANI Dubai Campus:

The Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani, Dubai Campus, is a premier institution for engineering and technology education, renowned for its dedication to providing quality education since its establishment in 2000. As one of the pioneering institutions in Dubai, it holds the distinction of being ranked as the top private university of India in Engineering and Technology, and is also among the Top 200 Universities in QS Asia University Rankings 2023. BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus is awarded a 5-star rating from Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Government of Dubai in partnership with QS based on four core categories namely, Teaching, Research, Employability and Internationalization. With a diverse student population from over 20 countries worldwide, BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus offers a range of programs including B.E, M.E., M.B.A. and Ph.D. in various engineering and allied disciplines. With several BITS Pilani alumni holding leadership positions in leading companies across the globe, it is a testament to the excellence of education imparted at the institution.

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