Main Takeaways

In an enriching partnership, Binance Academy and Blockchain Center extend their  Global University Outreach Program (GUOP) to Morocco, welcoming ENSET-Université Hassan II de Casablanca on board.  This collaborative venture is a pivotal step in remolding the educational landscape for blockchain technology, integrating a Blockchain Engineering Course into the university's curriculum, and consequently giving students access to the forefront of revolutionary technologies.

Empowering Academic  Excellence

ENSET-Université Hassan II de Casablanca, renowned for its hallmark of academic superiority, joins hands with Binance Academy and the Blockchain Center to offer an immersive insight into blockchain technology. This collaboration permeates not only faculty training but also encompasses expert-led workshops, seminars, and a platform for resourceful research for both students and faculty. Through this initiative, the university community is poised to gain hands-on, experience in the thriving and dynamic realm of blockchain technology.

Speaking on this significant milestone, Mahmoud Jawwad, Global Business Development at Binance Academy, said, "As blockchain technology anchors its importance across diverse sectors, it is our privilege to spearhead this movement, ensuring that students are equipped with top-notch education. This collaboration is a testament to our mutual dedication to fostering blockchain education and nurturing the succeeding generation of industry trailblazers.”

Framing the Future: Global Blockchain Education

The GUOP, originally launched in 22 universities in Kazakhstan by the Blockchain Center, has expanded its footprint to over 200 universities across more than 50 countries worldwide, in collaboration with Binance Academy. The initiative, focusing strongly on blockchain engineering and compliance education, sets an ambitious goal of educating more than one million students globally by 2026.

Aigerim Gilmanova, Head of Education Initiatives at the Blockchain Center, stated, "Expanding our program to Université Hassan II de Casablanca allows us to cultivate an atmosphere conducive for curious students to explore, innovate, and experiment in the field of blockchain technology."

ENSET-Université Hassan II de Casablanca will participate in specialized 10-week online training sessions for university educators in Blockchain Engineering. This collaborative effort plays a substantial role in building a comprehensive academic knowledge reservoir, enabling seamless blockchain engineering and compliance course integration into the university's curriculum.

Professor Omar Bouattane, the spokesperson from ENSET-Université Hassan II de Casablanca "This partnership aligns with our aim to remain at the forefront of technological progress and equip our students with future-ready skills. We anticipate actively contributing to GUOP's success and pushing the boundaries of blockchain education worldwide."

Binance Academy, together with the Blockchain Center, affirms its unwavering endeavor to broaden this transformative program, open to welcoming universities that resonate with the vision of unlocking the potential of blockchain technology. By fostering collaborations, knowledge-sharing, and innovative thinking, we intend to lay a solid foundation for significant breakthroughs in the blockchain field. Watch out for updates on this initiative on our Binance Square, and please follow us on Twitter @Binance_Academy, and @BlockchainCenter.

About the Blockchain Center:

The Blockchain Center is a global research lab with a mission to promote blockchain technology. It builds a global ecosystem for knowledge sharing and innovation, fostering worldwide awareness and research for new blockchain solutions.