The Beauty industry is an essential part of the well-being Industry in the UAE. With a total market capitalization of 4 billion USD and YOY growth of 16% the beauty sector is growing exponentially, making the Beauty and Personal-care sector among the fastest growing and most attractive sectors for investors in the UAE.

Nicolas Hallak, owner, and star coiffeur recently extended his new beauty salon in Dubai, the largest beauty haven in Media city, covering more than 3200 sq. feet with a multinational team of 24 specialists.

“The Beauty Industry is and always will be one of the fastest growing segments in the UAE. With more than a decade in the business, we utilized the past two years to re-vamp Salon Nicolas, created strong partnerships with key vendors, and ventured in the beauty education sector.

The UAE is the country of opportunity, this is where it all started for me and so many other Expatriates, the country’s economic strength is a blessing, and you will be rewarded if you stay consistent. With hard work and dedication, your dreams will come true.” Elaborates Mr. Hallak. 

The salon is located in the buzzing heart of Dubai Media City - amidst thriving businesses and vibrant cafes, the beauty haven owned by Mr. Hallak is specialized in state-of-the-art hair trends, extensions, complete make overs – and much more.

The beauty and personal care industry is one of the most sought-after market niches in the UAE.

A total of 3,000 beauty salons call the UAE their home and the numbers are growing. This competitive landscape requires businesses to constantly reinvent themselves.

“We care for beauty inside out.” States Mr. Hallak. “It’s time to look beyond the surface. Happiness and a purpose driven life are key for all of us, so I try to incorporate this into our beauty offerings and advocate my clients to explore and express themselves freely. That’s what I feel passionate to do!”

Partnering up with global brands such as L’Oréal, Salon Nicolas is offering its’ clients to experience the newest trends and bringing top notch education to the GCC and KSA with a tailormade educational calendar, helping other hairdressers and stylists in the region to further develop and grow.

“I have been in the beauty industry in the GCC for 16 years now. The move into the educational sector to share my experiences with new talent is very fulfilling. It’s amazing to see all the talent in the UAE and KSA that are striving and redefining the industry in the Middle East and leading the world in terms of quality and innovation!” Says Nicolas Hallak.

Salon Nicolas is located in Dubai Media City and offers tailormade beauty hair services to a wide array of consumers, with a focus on extravagant style and exceptional hair art, the salon is famous for its courageous trend setting and VIP collaborations.


Salon Nicolas
Aurora Tower, Dubai Media City