Cairo, Egypt – Leading B2B e-commerce platform Cartona has announced the renewal of its partnership with Beyti, one of the largest producers of milk, juice and yogurt in Egypt.

In celebration of their partnership renewal, Cartona launched a campaign to distribute Beyti’s category-leading products to retailers in Delta. The move comes in aims to expand Cartona’s product offering across a growing, nationwide network. Cartona connects all actors in Egypt’s traditionally offline trade market to create a strong, digitally connected network of retailers and distributors.

The renewal comes one year into a successful partnership, whereby Beyti was able to showcase 94 products on Cartona’s platform, which were distributed to thousands of retailers across many governorates. Beyti was also able to benefit from Cartona’s model as a technology-integrated solution with embedded finance and payments. Through the partnership, Beyti was able to access a group of new clients, growing its sales in the last fiscal year by 450% y-o-y through a comprehensive, technology-based strategy.

The joint partnership contributes to expanding Beyti’s operations in the trade market, helping it leverage technology to overcome any supply chain-related issues, given the efficiency and price effectiveness Cartona allows.

Cartona’s CEO and Founding Partner Mahmoud Talaat said, “I am proud of what we have accomplished through our partnership with Beyti in the recent period. We look forward to continuing aiding in its products’ reach to numerous governorates, particularly given Beyti’s renowned product range.”

He added, “We always aim to provide leading, quality products to our retailer userbase, as well as helping companies and global market players maximize their reach by leveraging the power of technology.”

Tamer Naguib, the General Manager of Commercial at Beyti, said, “We are proud of our partnership with Cartona, as it is one of our main partners in Egypt’s online trade market. We also back Cartona’s robust plans for nationwide expansion and growth.”

Naguib added, “Through the partnership, we aim to expand our product base on the platform, expanding to wholesale distribution and nationwide reach in all governorates by the 2nd half of 2023, as part of broader aims to expand our presence on digital platforms by 30% in 2023.”

Cartona is Egypt's fastest-growing B2B E-commerce marketplace. Bringing the marketplace online, Cartona connects buyers and sellers across the supply chain. It has forged partnerships with several major market players, FMCG companies, and more.

Cartona’s platform offers 14,000 products to a network of 60,000 active retainers across 13 governorates in collaboration with 250 major companies.