• Immersive LEGO® Experience: Explore History, Build, and Rebuild in the LEGO® Ever-changing Play Box
  • Splash into Fun: Cool Off at the Splash Pad inside Sea Port at LEGO® CITY 

Dubai: This summer, beat the heat at LEGOLAND®Dubai and enjoy a world of thrilling indoor attractions, especially the amazing LEGO® Ever-changing Play Box. Nestled within MINILAND, home to iconic brick-built models such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Airport, and Sheikh Zayed Mosque, all crafted from an astonishing 20 million LEGO® bricks, this six-part interactive experience invites guests to step into a world where every brick holds endless possibilities. 

LEGO® Ever-changing Play Box at MINILAND

Explore the history of LEGO® bricks and embark on a bricktastic adventure that promises unlimited creativity and fun for the whole family. A one-of-a-kind LEGO® experience that encapsulates the spirit of LEGO® creativity and imagination that was launched in the UAE for the very first time and will be stationed at LEGOLAND® Dubai for 6 months. From uncovering the LEGO® Group's storied past to hands-on building activities and regional showcases of the LEGO® Group’s impact, there's something for everyone to enjoy in this ever-evolving play space.

Factory Fun on Factory Street:

Factory Street invites visitors to take part in the interactive Factory Tour, where they can learn how a LEGO® brick is produced and even receive their very own freshly cast LEGO® brick as a souvenir.


IMAGINATION is a hub of creativity with attractions like LEGO® Studios 4D, featuring exclusive LEGO® movies such as "LEGO® CITY 4D Officer in Pursuit" and "LEGO® NINJAGO® Master of the 4th Dimension." Guests can also dive into the world of robotics with LEGO® MINDSTORMS®, offering fun tutorials to build and program computerized robots or become F1 drivers and Build a LEGO® car and test it against the competition on a digitally timed track in this indoor air-conditioned area.


Located in Adventure, guests can hop on the Lost Kingdom Adventure, where skill and determination are key to recovering stolen treasure by blasting targets with laser guns. Alternatively, take a plunge into the Submarine Adventure for an captivating underwater experience for the whole family. Witness sharks, rays and 100s of colorful fish lots more.

Splash Around at LEGO® CITY

Additionally, LEGOLAND® Dubai invites guests to submerge in the Sea Port splash pad. Located inside LEGO® CITY, the attraction is a marine-inspired playground for kids to cool off and have endless fun. Parents can relax in the shaded seating areas while children explore play structures designed as cargo ships, coast guard boats, and cruise lines.

The LEGO® Ever-changing Play Box and Sea Port's Splash Pad are just a glimpse of the excitement awaiting guests at Dubai’s iconic Theme Park. With a lineup of captivating attractions, immersive experiences, and family-friendly entertainment, LEGOLAND® Dubai continues to be a must-visit destination for unforgettable adventures.

For further information, please visit: www.LEGOLAND.ae 

The LEGO® Ever-changing Play Box offers an array of engaging activities:

  • History Tour: Delve into the LEGO® Group's history through an interactive tour, unveiling fun facts and collectible LEGO® cards
  • Brick Transformation: Witness the marvel of creativity as a single 2x4 red LEGO® brick transforms into diverse creations
  • Hands-on Building: Engage in hands-on building activities, following instructions to create unique models and showcasing your creations.
  • Regional Showcase: Explore "Yalla Habibi," a zone celebrating regional creativity and unique LEGO® designs
  • Rebuild Zone: Step into the future by creating new models from existing ones and sharing your creations in a digital gallery

NOTE: Access to the attraction is included in the price of the ticket

About LEGOLAND® Dubai Resort

LEGOLAND® Dubai Resort for families with kids aged 2-12 includes LEGOLAND® Dubai Theme Park with over 40 LEGO® themed rides, shows and building experiences; LEGOLAND® Water Park with over 20 family-friendly LEGO® themed water slides and attractions; and the region’s only LEGO® themed hotel, LEGOLAND® Hotel with 250 LEGO® themed rooms: 44 themed rooms, 191 fully themed rooms and 15 themed suites; two themed family restaurants and interactive activities featuring daily creative workshops, model builder, family pool and in-room treasure hunt. LEGOLAND® Dubai is the first of its kind in the region and was opened in 2016. The first LEGOLAND® Park opened in 1968 in Billund, Denmark, followed by nine more LEGOLAND® parks in 5 countries including United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Malaysia, Korea, UAE and Japan. LEGOLAND® Dubai is located on Sheikh Zayed Road opposite the Palm Jebel Ali in Dubai equidistant to Dubai and Abu Dhabi International Airports. 

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