Riyadh: Baheej Tourism Development Company, a joint venture between ASFAR, the Saudi tourism investment company owned by PIF, and the Tamimi-AWN Alliance, has signed a strategic agreement with Kerten Hospitality, a global leader in the integrated living and hospitality sector.

Signed at the Future Hospitality Summit in Riyadh, and facilitated by ASFAR, this partnership will have Kerten Hospitality manage Baheej’s hotel in Yanbu under the premium Cloud 7 brand, an innovative hotel and residence lifestyle brand known for its vibrant designs, dynamic check-in lobbies, healthy food options, and curated retail boutiques.

This strategic collaboration signifies ASFAR's commitment to enhancing the hospitality sector and demonstrates the company's ability to leverage its extensive network for the benefit of its partners and subsidiaries. Kerten Hospitality’s commitment to taking an innovative approach to shaping modern hospitality offerings and its dedication to fostering vibrant communities reflects Baheej’s dedication to not only uplift the hospitality experience in Yanbu but also to positively impact the local community and tourism sector.

Dr. Fahad bin Mushayt, CEO of ASFAR, the Saudi tourism investment company stated, “Baheej's collaboration with Kerten Hospitality underlines our core principle: empowering partners and subsidiaries through our expansive network. ASFAR is committed to cultivating alliances and co-investing with private sector entities, both local and global, to accelerate the advancement of Saudi Arabia's tourism sector and enrich communities in promising cities across the Kingdom in alignment with Vision 2030.”

Through a focus on integrating local culture and promoting environmental sustainability in its operations, Baheej seeks to elevate Yanbu's appeal as a destination while fostering economic and social development in the region. This initiative is a testament to Baheej’s commitment to creating spaces that celebrate the community and the environment, ushering in a new chapter in the story of Yanbu’s hospitality landscape.

Norah Al Tamimi, CEO of Baheej, expressed her enthusiasm, “We are thrilled to announce this strategic partnership with Kerten Hospitality, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to redefine hospitality as we develop our first tourist attraction in Yanbu. Through our agreement with Kerten Hospitality, we aim to create a vibrant hub at our lifestyle hotel, reflecting our commitment to providing guests with unforgettable experiences while showcasing the natural beauty of Al-Nawras Island and the Red Sea.”

The Cloud 7 brand, celebrated for its contemporary style and creative amenities, is set to become the pulsating heart of Yanbu. It promises to offer a diverse range of experiences, from gourmet restaurants and dynamic business hubs to a rooftop infinity pool that overlooks the breathtaking scenery.

Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Kerten Hospitality, added, “We are honored to partner with Baheej on this exciting venture, which exemplifies our shared goal of delivering exceptional hospitality and contributing to the growth and development of Yanbu’s tourism sector. With a portfolio that spans bespoke hotels, food and beverage brands, and a strong emphasis on community engagement initiatives, at Kerten Hospitality we believe in creating spaces that inspire and enrich the lives of our guests. We are excited to bring our innovative approach to the beautiful surroundings of Al-Nawras Island. This collaboration underscores our dedication to boosting hospitality in Saudi Arabia and beyond.”

In alignment with Vision 2030 and ASFAR’s mandate, this partnership also highlights Baheej’s dedication to transforming Saudi cities and towns into thriving, sustainable destinations that improve living standards and promote tourism.



ASFAR, the Saudi tourism investment company, is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund. Officially launched in July 2023, ASFAR’s primary mission is to bolster the emerging tourism sector in Saudi Arabia. The company’s mandate is to launch and foster investment opportunities in the realms of hospitality, retail, F&B, and entertainment to create comprehensive and immersive tourism ecosystems across promising cities in Saudi Arabia. As part of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, ASFAR seeks to contribute to the national objective of attracting 150 million visitors annually to the Kingdom by 2030.

About Baheej

Baheej is a diversified development and destination management company established in September 2023 with the aim of developing exciting destinations across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Baheej collaborates with municipalities, government entities, and developers in Saudi Arabia to create thriving communities and improve tourism destinations in the Kingdom through an integrated approach to development/destination management.

Baheej is the result of a joint venture between ASFAR, the Saudi Tourism Investment Company, a fully owned subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund, and the Tamimi-AWN Alliance. Baheej seeks to leverage the flexibility and ambition of the private sector and the support of ASFAR in achieving its goals to develop exceptional destinations.

About the Tamimi-AWN Alliance

The Tamimi-AWN Alliance brings together the capabilities and experience of two leading Saudi companies - Tamimi Global Company Ltd. (TAFGA) and AWN Enterprises - to provide an end-to-end solution for developing and operating tourism destinations in Saudi Arabia.

With roots going back to 1914 and 1953 respectively, TAFGA and AWN have strong track records in catering, hospitality, facility management, construction, and project development in the Kingdom.

The alliance offers integrated services covering strategy, design, infrastructure development, construction, operations, and management. TAFGA operates over 60 F&B outlets in Saudi Arabia while AWN has built thousands of homes.

Together, the companies have delivered some of Saudi Arabia's landmark projects including the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture and the Hawiyyah Industrial City. Their combined team has over 16,000 employees.

The Tamimi-AWN Alliance aims to bring its proven experience and capabilities to help unlock the tourism potential of destinations across Saudi Arabia, as part of the Vision 2030 goals. Their end-to-end offering, from concept to operation, provides a sustainable long-term solution.

About Kerten Hospitality 

Kerten Hospitality is an end-to-end lifestyle hospitality operator creating bespoke destinations, experiences, and communities. The Group manages and operates hospitality projects that transform destinations through impactful collaborations with its own and/or other Food & Beverage, Retail, Entertainment, Art, and Wellness brands focusing on curating Ecosystems and unique community-centric environments.

The Group has 12 lifestyle brands and 11 operational projects, part of a global footprint of 57+ projects across three continents and in key destinations: Egypt, Georgia, Italy, Jordan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Kuwait, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.