Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Two foodtech eGroceries startups, Saudi-based Jumlaty and Egypt-based Appetito, announce their merger into a new entity, NOMU. Aiming to become MENA’s leading food-tech supply chain platform, NOMU is currently present in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, with the capacity to cover the existing infrastructure of 25 million people and 100,000 F&B stores including strategic partners such as, Savola, Almarai and and Nestle. 

“Appetito and Jumlaty have been, separately but similarly, working hard to reinvent the grocery supply chain. Both have focused on reliability, speed, and affordability, building a solid reputation and a loyal customer base of families and F&B businesses. Our merger will set us on the path to reach SAR 100 Million in revenue (USD 25 Million) and positive EBITDA within 2023, with important synergies on the tech, marketing and procurement fronts.” commented Shehab Mokhtar, CEO of Appetito, now CEO of NOMU.

The deal was facilitated by a shared mindset and direction, as Salman Attieh, CEO of Jumlaty, now Chairman of NOMU, stated, “Both companies shared the same vision on how to transform the industry, combining smart tech, lean operations with a deep focus on unit economics. Together we capture the entire value chain, from monthly shopping to weekly refills and outdoor dining. Most importantly our journey now as one company will be accelerated thanks to an incredible team of international talents and supportive investors.” 

Ahmed Demerdash, COO of Appetito, who continues as COO of NOMU comments on the impressive potential of the merge, “Our new entity is now present in four promising countries, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, with a smart grid of 16 warehouses, and a capacity to cover the existing infrastructure of 25 million people and 100,000 F&B stores, and delivery promises that range from one hour to next day fulfillment”.

Speaking on the growth of the company and ambitions to achieve in the coming months, Yassir El Ismaili El Idrissi, Chief Growth and Expansion Officer at Appetito, and now at NOMU, shares, “We are redeploying our tech talent towards advanced AI-based algorithms covering smart pricing, predictive demand planning and LTV optimization, and new community-oriented features including group buying, loyalty and embedded finance. On the marketing front, we will keep local brands where it makes sense and all our apps in all our countries will use a common tech and growth platform.”

NOMU will have its headquarters in Riyadh, with a holding structure in Abu Dhabi's International Financial Centre, ideally placed to develop its operations further, with ambitions to cover Pakistan and key sub-Saharan countries in the near future.


About Jumlaty

Jumlaty is a food tech supply chain platform that leverages AI, Social Commerce and Smart Financing to deliver high quality grocery products and more at incredible value with a price match guarantee. Jumlaty serves households and F&B businesses and has been part of MiSK, Google and Savola accelerator.

About Appetito

Appetito delivers all your grocery products in just a few clicks offering a wide range of high quality food and grocery products within two hours. Appetito operates in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.

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