TV commercial - ‘To win the match of life’ - to air during FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

Riyadh - Altibbi, the Middle East’s largest end-to-end digital health platform, announces the launch of its new telehealth subscription plan. The plan is designed to serve all segments and markets. During November, its positioned to promote men’s health and early checkups especially for prostate & testicular cancer and mental health.

Altibbi’s new plan - ‘Weqaya’ - or ‘prevention’, informs audiences about the importance of preventative healthcare, and primary care for men more widely. The affordable monthly/weekly subscription plans (i) serve all medical inquiries and consultations (ii) offer patients unlimited access to have questions answered (iii) provide newsletters related to medical consultations & daily tips and (iv) up to 30 consultations monthly.

Men’s health, specifically mental health, can be very difficult for males to address and discuss. Sports with predominant male fanbases, such as football, are vital channels to improve awareness of male healthcare.

An accompanying TV commercial by Altibbi - ‘To win the match of life’ - will be broadcast across MBC Pan Arab Channels on 22 November, the day of Saudi Arabia’s opening game of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, against Argentina. The Weqaya subscription plan and TV campaign - which are aligned with the global Movember movement - encourage men to have early checkups, with the commercial emphasizing prostate and testicular cancers and mental health. Early action for males can be, literally, life-saving.

Jalil Allabadi, co-founder and CEO of Altibbi, commented:

“We are proud to announce the launch of Altibbi’s ‘Weqaya’ telehealth plan to raise awareness of important, preventative checkups for men’s health. We want our patients to reach out to Altibbi all year round, not just when they are sick. Weqaya is the family doctor, serving you and your households all year round.

“We are delighted to use the world’s biggest sporting event as a further way to raise awareness. Our men’s health TV commercial will air today during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. At Altibbi, we believe access to affordable, quality healthcare should be within reach of every Arabic speaker - regardless of location or economic status.

While run from Altibbi’s Saudi Arabia headquarters, the Weqaya subscription plan is open to all Arabic speakers globally. To encourage early checkups, Altibbi is offering those activating the plan during November - a one-month free subscription.

To open up the Weqaya plan to more customers, Altibbi has added a new payment method for Saudi Arabia - the MADA debit card. Widely used by local Saudi Arabian banks, the card allows holders to access funds in their accounts either in cash, via ATM withdrawals, or via payments for goods and services at Point of Sale (PoS) terminals in thousands of outlets (physical and online) across the Kingdom. 

Altibbi is the largest digital health platform in the Arab world with unrivalled scale and innovation. It is the only fully end-to-end digital health platform that integrates an entire patient journey – from content to consultation to treatment - driven by its mission to re-wire the healthcare value chain while improving quality and access to healthcare for the 400 million Arabs who lack basic health services. 

Altibbi has conducted over five million telehealth consultations to date, has 20 million unique visitors a month, and offers its 24/7 telehealth services across 14 regional countries – with over 1,500 active certified doctors on its platform. The Company hosts over two million pages of content and has published six peer-reviewed scientific papers in the last year alone. Altibbi’s AI engine - created by its leading team of data scientists, engineers and clinicians - also provides a unique capability for a comprehensive patient solution.