Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Almosafer, Saudi Arabia’s leading travel company (part of Seera Group), announced the signing of a strategic partnership with Talemia, a subsidiary of Tatweer Educational Development Holding Company, to provide an implement field trips ( by planes, buses) for school students in the Kingdom providing enjoyable and culturally enriching experiences. The collaboration builds on the mutual commitment of the two entities to nurture a profound understanding of Saudi Arabia's rich natural and cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia among students.

Under the three-year agreement, Discover Saudi, Almosafer’s destination management company, will be responsible for meticulously curating and expertly managing cultural field trips  that offer immersive cultural experiences for students from elementary to high school. The core objective is to offer a deep understanding of the cultural richness and achievements of the Kingdom through specially curated hands-on learning opportunities for public education.

Commenting on the newly signed agreement, Fahad Mohammed Alobailan, Chief Tourism Officer at Almosafer, said: "We are excited to support “Talemia” and the Ministry of Education in taking education beyond the confines of classrooms and textbooks as we believe that every student should have the opportunity to explore, learn, and be inspired by their own heritage and culture. The partnership with Talemia allows us to perfectly blend culture with education and draws on the expertise of Discover Saudi in fostering a deep appreciation of our Kingdom's heritage to create lifelong learners in the Kingdom with a passion for culture and history.”

The trips, organized by Discover Saudi in collaboration with Talemia, will meet the requirements of the student activities specified by the Ministry of Education departments in the Kingdom. Students will embark on journeys to various cities, where these trips will bridge the knowledge derived from textbook knowledge with real-world experiences, and enable the students to explore and celebrate cultural attractions, thus elevating their cultural consciousness.

Discover Saudi, in accordance with the requests of Talemia and the Ministry of Education, will also organize trips focusing on the hidden cultural gems that are an integral part of the academic learning requirement in the Kingdom’s educational institutions.

The collaboration between Almosafer represented by Discover Saudi, and Talemia represents a positive shift in the way students access knowledge and aims to ignite a lifelong The cultural heritage of our beloved homeland as it lays the foundation for students to grow as well-informed  culturally aware and culturally conscious  citizens.


About Almosafer:

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About Talemia

Talemia, a subsidiary of Tatweer Educational Services Company and wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund, was established on May 18, 2012. The company’s foundational ethos is rooted in the evolution of education, aiming for optimal, 21st-century educational paradigms.

Talemia is not just an observer but an active contributor to the educational landscape. It aspires to lead innovative and comprehensive educational solutions. In an era where education is pivotal for societal advancement, Talemia is committed to ensuring it remains a core focus, intricately linked with the demands of the modern labour market.