During participation at the Intertraffic Amsterdam Event, world’s largest mobility and traffic technology trade show, Mr. Omar Al Khan, Founder and Managing Partner of ParkPoint Parking Solutions, reiterated the company's commitment to introducing the latest international parking management systems to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

 Emphasizing the significance of this sector in the daily lives of both public and private parking users across various complexes including government, commercial, health, and residential areas, Mr. Khan highlighted the aim to enhance comfort and convenience for vehicle owners.

This was stated on the occasion of ParkPoint renewal of its collaboration with Meypar, a top-tier global company specializing in parking and smart mobility solutions on the sideline of ParkPoint’s participation at Intertraffic.

Mr. Khan outlined that ParkPoint's dedication to renewing the agreement with Meypar and actively participating in the Amsterdam event is essential to its ongoing pursuit of progress across various domains. The company is committed to leading the way in innovation and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and modern management techniques. It places a high priority on continuously training and developing its staff to achieve the highest standards of service and operational efficiency in parking lot management. These endeavors aim to stimulate innovation within the parking industry, elevate the standards customers' real estate, and provide exceptional services to parking users.

The founder and managing partner of ParkPoint emphasized solid commitment to maintaining partnerships with key global players in the field of smart mobility, exemplified by Meypar.

With a proven track record spanning various sectors including large shopping malls, supermarket chains, airports, railway stations, hospitals, and more, Meypar offers a range of solutions, from straightforward parking management to intricate projects involving the management or interconnection of thousands of parking spaces across expansive geographical areas. ParkPoint is eager to leverage these solutions to enhance its operations and deliver unparalleled service to its clientele.

Mr. Al Khan said: "At ParkPoint, our aspiration is to emerge as the foremost player in parking solutions across Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the wider region, with eventual global expansion on our horizon. We are committed to achieving this goal by continually advancing our knowledge and tools, and by partnering with top-tier service and equipment providers in the parking industry, such as Meypar. We are particularly keen to collaborate with parking owners who share our goal of optimizing parking efficiency and ensuring a seamless experience for their customers."


About ParkPoint:

ParkPoint is a full-service parking solutions ecosystem supporting properties and drivers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Bahrain and dedicated to achieving environmental sustainability goals.

With profound expertise in parking management, valet services, internal transportation, and car wash facilities, ParkPoint integrates cutting-edge parking technologies. This not only ensures enhanced revenues and increased efficiency for parking owners but also offers users a suite of distinguished services.  These services include information provision, cashless digital payment options, and the convenience of online parking bookings—all seamlessly accessible through a unified platform.

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Established in 2004, Meypar is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, serving as the forefront leader in Mexico and a renowned brand across Spain and Latin America. With an expansive network spanning over 600 branches across Spain, Andorra, France, Belgium, Portugal, Angola, Ecuador, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, USA, Canada, Guatemala, Peru, Dominican Republic, and Mexico, Meypar commands a dominant presence on a global scale.

Meypar specializes in delivering state-of-the-art, technology-driven solutions and services tailored for mobility, private parking, street parking, and highway toll stations. Their extensive portfolio of services encompasses consultancy, engineering, production, installation, staff training, dedicated customer service, comprehensive technical support, meticulously designed preventive maintenance programs, thorough documentation, spare parts insurance, and unwavering warranty services.