Ajman Bank, one of the UAE’s leading financial institutions, unveiled a pivotal step in its digital transformation journey at the Ajman Digital Government pavilion during GITEX Global 2023. The bank announced a strategic partnership with Codebase Technologies to launch its new retail super app, marking the institution's transition into an era of unparalleled digital agility. The Digibanc platform, developed by Codebase Technologies, underpins Ajman Bank’s super app. To further amplify the bank's digital capabilities, Cloud4C and Microsoft Azure cloud solutions have been integrated. This collaboration is geared towards unlocking enhanced customer value, streamlining operations, and driving increased revenues through state-of-the-art innovation.

Mustafa Mohammed Saeed Al Khalfawi, CEO of Ajman Bank, remarked, "This isn't merely a platform upgrade. It's a paradigm shift in our operational approach, leveraging advanced tools, automation, and enhanced capabilities to navigate the evolving banking environment. The Digibanc platform has been pivotal in our transition to a more customer-focused, innovation-driven model. The transformative power of technology and cloud solutions in the financial sector is undeniable. As a front-runner in the UAE banking scene, we're committed to harnessing these innovations to elevate customer experiences and boost our operational efficiency."

Codebase Technologies’ Digibanc platform serves as Ajman Bank’s new epicenter of innovation, offering a full front-to-back technology stack to address the bank’s business and operational needs. Leveraging Digibanc’s microservices architecture and ready-to-market components, Codebase Technologies has implemented a new technology foundation from which Ajman Bank can create and launch digital banking products and services, benefit from enhanced customer analytics, and optimize internal workflows. Through its API-first approach, the team integrated Digibanc with key third-party partners, including Kong, Infobip, Microblink, and Aquant, enhancing Ajman Bank’s collaboration with fintechs and improving its customer-centric offering.

As financial institutions embrace a more flexible approach to product and service development, the Digibanc platform empowers Ajman Bank with a flexible innovation center that is highly scalable and agile. Thanks to the platform's unique API-first architecture, the bank can embrace collaboration in new ways by seamlessly integrating fintechs into its customer offering. Digibanc also provides the bank with the flexibility to fine-tune business logic and workflows on the fly, as well as launch new customer experiences through a composable banking approach made possible by Digibanc deployed on the cloud.

Tamer Al Mauge, Managing Director - MENA, commented, “Digibanc has exponentially enhanced Ajman Bank’s capabilities to become a digital-first leader. With its new technology platform in place, the bank’s team has an extreme degree of flexibility over their products and services, customer journeys, and improved insights into their business as a whole. With these enhanced capabilities, Ajman Bank has reinvented its approach, and we’re proud to have helped pave the way.”

Taking a cloud-first approach to fortify the underlying operational foundations is a primary step toward long-term agility, scalability, and flexibility. As an Azure Expert MSP, a Microsoft Gold Partner, and one of the few firms globally to achieve 11 Advanced Specializations on Azure, Cloud4C was best positioned to support Ajman Bank’s digitalization journey in the cloud without risk by helping deploy the entire Digibanc environment on a well-architected, fully secure Azure cloud compliant with standards outlined by the UAE Central Bank. This allows Ajman Bank to focus on core operations, seamlessly transform, and become future-ready powered by a next-gen digital banking platform on a fully managed intelligent cloud.

“In the current experience economy, banking users demand the best services backed by exceptional speed and security at their fingertips. By choosing Microsoft Azure, Ajman Bank can now seamlessly innovate, deliver personalized services, and grow their business without worrying about internal IT challenges. Cloud4C’s Mission Critical Operations Center, powered by a proprietary AIOps-driven Self-Healing Platform, 25 Centers of Excellence, and 650+ dedicated Azure experts, guarantees that all cloud requirements are met and managed with utmost agility and confidence,” added Rakesh Reddy, Regional Director of MEA at Cloud4C.