Muscat: Mindful of the changing needs and requirements of the local market, ahli islamic has announced a bouquet of easy and convenient financing offers to partner in fulfilling its customers’ personal responsibilities.

From mortgage-free auto finance to home and personal finance, ahli islamic presents its broad range of Shari’a-compliant financing products with attractive profit rates. While the key objective behind the new scheme is to facilitate financial opportunities for retail customers, ahli islamic is also utilizing this platform to demonstrate its commitment to uphold its service standards of ‘partnering’ with the customer, instead of merely financing. This will translate into simple financing procedures and convenient options for its growing customer base.

As per the new offer, customers looking for mortgage-free auto financing can choose repayment periods of up to 10 years, with the advantage of a competitive profit rate starting from only 3.49%. Post-date cheques financing is also available with periods of up to 7 years with profit rates starting from only 4.99%. As for home and personal finance, the profit rate starts from only 4.75%.

Commenting on the new finance package and the ahli islmaic’s intent to partner with customers in fulfilling their commitments, Yousuf bin Salim Al Rawahi, Deputy General Manager and Head of ahli islamic, said, “As a responsive and responsible corporate entity, it is our duty to engage with our customers on a professionalized basis. Our core objective is to partner with our target group and create financial avenues for them to feel secure and bold when budgeting and taking purchase decisions. Our increased reliance on customer feedback and market trends has demonstrated the need for fiscal help in the wake of a gradual economic recovery after the protracted pandemic slowdown. While there have been significant changes in consumer behaviour brought on by the pandemic, the months following have exemplified people’s desire to get back to life as they knew it, with the comfort of easy finances to realise their aspirations.”

Further, underscoring ahli islamic’s motto of ‘truth and transparency in banking’, Al Rawahi pointed out that the Bank has adopted measures and standards to enhance customers’ confidence in their fiscal abilities and instil a sense of security in their everyday dealings. “We owe our sustained growth and popularity to our customers who repeatedly used our market-specific products and services. We will continue to support customers who need that extra leverage to achieve their set targets,” he added.