• Employees are empowered to innovate creative solutions to address challenges across sectors

Abu Dhabi: ADNEC Group has announced the launch of the fifth edition of the Tanfeeth Innovation Accelerator Programme inline with the UAE’s efforts to promote the concept of innovation and creativity during Innovation Month 2024.

The aim of the Tanfeeth programme is to promote innovative ideas across ADNEC Group and enable participants to acquire skills and knowledge, while also finding solutions to overcome operational challenges. Throughout the programme participants will have the opportunity to work alongside and engage with experienced managers in a positive environment that promotes the spirit of learning and creativity.

During the fifth edition, all employees from ADNEC Group’s seven clusters will be able to participate and propose innovative solutions that would contribute to the Group’s commercial performance by addressing challenges related to services, operations, resources and sustainability. Employees are assigned to teams that will compete over eight weeks, while receiving valuable mentoring, training and follow-up sessions by experts and specialists across the Group.

The closing session of the programme is scheduled to be held in March 2024, where teams will present innovative solutions in the presence of Humaid Al Dhaheri, Managing Director and Group CEO of ADNEC Group. The teams will also be judged by executives and heads of departments across ADNEC Group, with the winners receiving unique rewards and prizes.

Throughout the history of Tanfeeth, innovative solutions from the winning teams have been implemented by various departments in existing projects. One of the best innovative ideas has been the introduction of the ‘The Hive’ space at ADNEC Centre, which has become a commercial service for the Group and provides a space for companies to hold various training events that promote creativity.

The programme has been running since 2016, with this year's edition coinciding with UAE Innovation Month, an annual national event launched in February each year to celebrate innovation and innovators. UAE Innovation Month aims to strengthen the UAE's position as a global innovation hub by promoting the development of innovative ideas and capabilities, adopting a broad culture of innovation and supporting the National Strategy for Advanced Innovation.

Additionally, the UAE Innovates Award was launched in February 2021 to celebrate innovative individuals and institutions. The award represents the UAE government's efforts to support innovative ideas and apply them in the government sector. For the fourth consecutive year, the Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation has invited innovative entrepreneurs and initiatives to participate in the UAE Innovates Award 2024.

Since its inception, the UAE has been distinguished by its ability to innovate, strengthening its social and economic position and making it a destination for talent and business in a record period of time. Innovations, research, science and technology have formed the cornerstones of this competitive and highly productive knowledge economy, driven by entrepreneurs in a stimulating business environment.

The vision of the wise leadership has aimed to make the UAE among the best countries in the world, in accordance with the national strategy for the next fifty years. The elements of the UAE Vision 2021 consist of six national pillars, with a competitive knowledge economy at the heart of that national vision.

Based on these pillars, the National Agenda aims to make the UAE leaders in field of entrepreneurship, as it continues to unleash the full potential of its citizens and increase economic development by encouraging small and medium sized enterprises in the private sector. This pillar also focuses on instilling a culture of entrepreneurship in universities and schools to enhance the country's advanced position, specifically in areas such as the ease of doing business, global competitiveness, innovation, entrepreneurship and development, while focusing on research and development.