​​​​DUBAI: ACCIONA has presented its different sustainable solutions for irrigation, such as desalination and water reuse, during COP 28, held in Dubai. The presentation was made by Julio de la Rosa, ACCIONA Middle East Business Development Director for Water business at the Water Pavilion of the COP 28.

During the talk, Julio emphasized that humanity faces the great challenge of being able to feed a growing population in the context of climate change and resource scarcity. He also highlighted that the main resource needed for any agricultural activity is water and that being efficient in irrigated agriculture means that we need to produce more kilos of food for every drop of water.

Given the climate change we are experiencing, the instability in rainfall causes more frequent long periods of drought and when the rains come, they are torrential. Therefore, water supply from non-conventional sources such as desalination and reuse are extremely important.

Thanks to these techniques, a guaranteed supply of water in quantity and quality is achieved, which is vital for any business plan of agricultural entrepreneurs.

In this context, reducing the price of desalinated and reused water, for example, using green energies is essential. ACCIONA accompanies irrigation communities in their integral management to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The event was attended by the Ministers of Water in Egypt and Morocco and the UNDP Regional Director for the Arab States, aiming for a potential UNDP initiative to support water desalination and reclamation technologies as climate change adaptation actions.

ACCIONA is a global company and a leader in the provision of regenerative solutions for a decarbonized economy. Its business offer includes renewable energy, water treatment and management, eco-efficient transportation and mobility systems, resilient infrastructures, etc. The company has been carbon neutral since 2016. ACCIONA recorded sales of €11.2 billion in 2022 and has a business presence in more than 40 countries. acciona-me.com