Acadian Asset Management (UK) Limited (“Acadian”), an affiliate of Acadian Asset Management LLC, a global systematic investment leader, is partnering with Shari’ah Review Bureau ("SRB"), a Bahrain-based Shari’ah advisory firm.

SRB will provide Acadian with Sharia oversight services for two Shari’ah-compliant global equity portfolios managed by Acadian on behalf of a leading Islamic financial institution.

Commenting upon the engagement, Ian Shea, head of Acadian’s UK affiliate business, said:

“Bringing SRB on board to validate and audit our Shari’ah compliance processes for these two portfolios will further strengthen our stakeholders’ trust.

Acadian continues to focus on building partnerships with institutional investors in the GCC region, including through the provision of Shari’ah-compliant investment strategies.”

Yasser S. Dahlawi, founder and CEO of SRB, said:

“We strive to be a complete Shari’ah advisory resource for asset managers of all sizes, providing them with the full spectrum of Shari’ah certification, equity screening and audit services they need to help meet their goals. We look forward to assisting Acadian Asset Management with its Shari’ah compliance activities as it grows its footprint in Shari’ah-compliant investment.”

Acadian Asset Management LLC 

Acadian Asset Management LLC invests on behalf of pension funds, endowments, governments, foundations and other institutional investors, with approximately US$110 billion in assets under management globally, as of 31 March 2022. The firm uses an innovative array of disciplined, systematic investment techniques across stock-specific, macro and peer forecasting models. Acadian offers multi-asset class, ESG, alternative alpha, managed volatility and long-only strategies, such as emerging markets, small-cap and international equity strategies. It has affiliated offices in London, Sydney and Singapore. For more information on Acadian Asset Management, visit

Shari’ah Review Bureau 

Shari’ah Review Bureau is licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain and serves more than a hundred clients covering multiple financial sectors. Its services have grown in demand as financial institutions continue looking for ways to speed up the Shari’ah compliance management process and reduce the costs of Shari’ah boards. Shari’ah Review Bureau has established itself as one of the leading Shari’ah Advisory companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC region. The Central Bank of Bahrain licensed firm leads with a dedicated team of Sharia consultants and auditors based out of Bahrain. For all Sharia Advisory-related queries, contact