H.E. Eng. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Muwaiji, Chairman of the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), welcomed the announcement by H.E Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, of a set of qualitative solutions and enablers that support the industrial sector in the UAE and increase its investment attractiveness, including the initiative “Providing competitive electricity prices for industrial facilities” in Ajman and a number of UAE emirates, in addition to supporting opportunities to increase local manufacturing purchases, providing financing solutions for the industrial sector, increasing investments directed to new industrial projects, and other innovative support tools.

He stressed that the Ajman Chamber has a pivotal role in announcing the reduction of operational costs of energy consumption in industrial facilities, so the Ajman Chamber held a joint meeting at the beginning of this year with the Federal Electricity and Water Authority (FEWA), and in the presence of owners and officials of industrial facilities in Ajman to develop recommendations and discuss opportunities to reduce the operational costs of energy consumption in industrial facilities and the impact of this on increasing productivity and developing exports of local products.

He explained that the Ajman Chamber has exceptional imprints in encouraging its members of industrial sector establishments to exploit solar energy solutions and rationalize energy consumption, which contributes to achieving the competitiveness and investment attractiveness of Ajman, compared to some neighboring emirates, stressing the Ajman Chamber’s proactive efforts in this field by linking its members from factories and companies with the concerned authorities and expert houses to provide technical consultations and feasibility studies for projects using solar energy and rationalizing consumption to reduce carbon emissions and in line with the recommendations of the "COP 28".

Al Muwaiji stated that the announcement of the initiative “Providing competitive electricity prices for industrial facilities” will directly support reducing production costs, enhancing the competitiveness of the local product, developing its exports, increasing the industrial sector’s contribution to the GDP, in addition to attracting investments to the industrial sector and encouraging innovation and development, improving products, sustaining industrial facilities and creating new job opportunities.

He pointed out that the industrial sector in Ajman is growing remarkably, especially in light of the supportive elements provided by the government, such that the growth rate of industrial establishments in Ajman reached 7% during the year 2023 compared to the year 2022.

H.E. Abdullah Al Muwaiji thanked the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, and the FEWA for the initiative supporting the revitalization and growth of the performance of industrial facilities, and stressed that the Ajman Chamber will intensify its efforts as a sustainable link between industrial facilities with local and federal government agencies to ensure achieving the maximum benefit from the renewable qualitative initiatives packages launched by the UAE in support of achieving an integrated and comprehensive economic vision.