Kuala Lumpur: Cambridge IFA held today a glamorous and glittering Awards Ceremony to celebrate success of governments, large corporations and public sector organisations in social responsibility, transparency and good governance. Global Good Governance Awards (3G Awards) are the largest felicitation programme in the emerging economies, promoting good governance in the three chosen sectors of government, business and social sector & philanthropy. The second 3G Awards Ceremony was held in Dubai on May 26, 2017, which followed the inaugural ceremony held in Istanbul in 2016. This year’s 3G Awards Ceremony held in Kuala Lumpur was attended by top representatives of governments, private businesses, and public sector organisations from around the world, including the Middle East, Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

This year’s 3G Awards were based on a revamped methodology, as the previous approach of a global poll was replaced by an intelligence-based approach. The research team at Cambridge IFA undertook an extensive data mining exercise to identify four nominees in each of the 30 categories drawn from the government & politics, businesses and corporations, and social sector organization.

The award winners came from about 15 countries. Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) received two prestigious awards, namely 3G Advocacy & Commitment to Corporate Governance Award 2018 and 3G Excellence in Corporate Governance Award 2018.

This year’s 3G Awards were distinct, as a number of utilities  and energy producers were presented with awards.  These included Bangchak Corporation PLC, PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia, and Kahramaa.  Bangchak Corporation received two awards, namely, 3G Sustainability of Performance Award 2018 and 3G CSR Award 2018. Bhimasena Power Indonesia was honoured for its role in social empowerment, with 3G Social Empowerment Award 2018. Kahramaa received two awards for its Tarsheed National Program, and was honoured with 3G Best Green Initiative Award 2018 and 3G Creativity & Innovation Award 2018.

Last year, only one power producer received a 3G Award, as ENEL was honoured for its best corporate governance reporting.

“Over the last three years, we have adopted a strategy to highlight the role of regional players in the good governance regime to the global community,” said Dr. Sofiza Azmi, CEO of Cambridge IFA and President of 3G Awards Committee. “The 2017 3G Awards Ceremony was held in Dubai, which helped us identify the players like Friends of Cancer Patients, Bateel, ADCB and Salam Air for their commendable efforts and commitment to good governance.”   

The 2018 3G Awards Ceremony held in Kuala Lumpur has allowed the Awards Committee to bring an ASEAN-centric perspective to good governance. Many important winners from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand would have otherwise not been picked up by a global programme if the event was not held in the region. It helped the Awards Committee to even pick up winners from South Korea.

This year, 3G Awards Committee had nominated over 150 organisations and individuals from the public sector, businesses, and social sector and philanthropy. They went through a rigorous process of selection, and the winners in about 30 categories received 3G Awards & Certificates in a colourful celebration of good governance in government & politics, business, and social giving and enterprise.

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